Saturday, May 11, 2013

"I'm Sailing!"

We had so much fun today down at the rocky beach of Utah Lake... it doesn't even seem right to call it a beach, but...

Our friends, Chris and Jaclyn, took us out to the lake to enjoy their sailboat, a picnic lunch and just a great time with friends.

I was pretty worried about today's outing because I didn't know how the kids would do with staying out of the water and staying where I could see them. But! It turned out GREAT! We all had a blast. Marc was able to take time to go out with all 3 of the kids at different times and I just got to have fun behind my camera. 

It was such a beautiful day. 

It may have been a little too beautiful because there was actually not much wind, let alone a breeze, to catch the sails on the boat. So their short jaunts out became pretty long just waiting for the slight drifts of air to catch.

Our kids had so much throwing rocks into the water, wading in the shallow shore line, playing with Chris and Jaclyn's kids and eating cheese puffs to their hearts' content.

I loved today.

I just did.

Sunshine, happy kids, sound of water on the rocks, views of the snowcapped mountains across the lake and seeing my kids go on a sailboat for the first time ever.

I actually didn't ever go out on the boat, but I really didn't mind. I was content on the shore with my camera in hand. Maybe sometime I'll edit a few of these and even get some printed up to remind us of what a great day with friends that it was. It was definitely a great start to my Mother's Day weekend.

Brother and Baby walked the shore line together most of the time.


Baby had so much fun climbing around on the rocks the entire time she wasn't on the boat, which was most of the time. 

Well, I tried for the group shot... we tried...
Meme (her name on this blog) was such a big helper with the kids, especially Baby. At this point, though, Baby had followed her in too far and decided it was to scary so Meme ended up carrying her to shore. Aw...

Ya, I'm strange... Avengers vintage t-shirt with my big-brimmed sun hat... OK, moving on.
Thanks, Marc, for the picture.

Almost ready to head out!

Hee hee! I just like this picture.

Sister was so interested in the boat but still to nervous to get on the first time.
She did finally get the courage to ride it at the end, and she loved it!

The water was FREEZING, but Baby didn't seem to mind at all...

Brother watching Chris in action.

And they're off!

Baby LOVED being on the boat and wanted to jump right into the water with all the rest of the kids,
Marc had to work hard to keep her ON the boat. No fear, I guess.

Then Chris brought out the sailboard. He and his kids were seeing if they could balance themselves on it...
Hew did it!
(name changed for this blog)

Meme did it!


And now Chris' turn to stand!


It really was a beautiful day!

And if you want to know why my title is in quotes
it's because it's a line from one of my favorite movies!

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