Friday, May 24, 2013

"I am so excited that I love you!"

That's what Sister told me this morning as she was getting dressed for school.

She is such a happy kid. I love it. She reminds me to be happy to be alive! Seriously, she is just happy to be here and finds joy in the smallest of things.

I felt bad the other day though because they had a 3K run fundraiser for her school and I just assumed she wouldn't want to run that far so I didn't buy her a shirt or anything... I know, bad mom. Anyway, I got a note when she got home from school that she had run the entire thing! And fast! She ran the whole way! She even has a blister the size of a dime to prove it. She is so proud of herself I love it!

Speaking of running, Brother brought home his ribbons from his final track meet at Alpine Days. I am so proud of him!

5th place = shot put, Participant = self explanatory, 2nd place = running long jump, 2nd place = 100 meter run

P.S. This is my 920th post! Wow! I have a lot to say!

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