Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tricks and Treats

The trick is getting Sister and Brother to dress up.

The treat is when they do it isn't much but they are so proud of themselves and so happy to join in on the holiday.

I didn't get a picture of Brother because he ran to fast every time I had my camera but he was wearing a gold and black cape... around his waist. Whatever. He loved it. I asked him what he was and he didn't know so I told him he was Cyrus from this season's So You Think You Can Dance. (smile) I even gave him a mohawk that didn't last longer than the trip he took to the bus in the morning because he just had to put his jacket hood on. Oh well. It was still a treat.

Sister wore the same costume she did for my mom's Halloween party but I still got some pictures anyway (The costume is, basically, her Power Ranger gloves). The biggest treat was seeing how excited she was when I showed up at her school's costume parade! Oh my goodness she was happy!

The treat for Baby is that she LOVES to wear princess dresses (and she made a perfect Cinderella). She'd wear them everyday all day.

The trick is getting her out of the princess dress...

she wore it to bed last night.

The treat for me was getting dressed up for Halloween. I LOVE to get dressed up! It is just too fun to be some one else for a day! I wish I would have gotten a picture of my and Marc in full costume. I was a witch and Marc was a cowboy! I know, big stretch for Marc, huh, but it was so great to see him in "costume" again. I did get a head shot of me though. My makeup turned out pretty well. I got a comment from a friend, Jackie, on Facebook that said I looked like Mary Poppins gone bad... that made me laugh because it was kind of true. Tee hee!

It was a treat to have our friends, Travis and Amanda and my sister Kirsten's family over at our house to have Taco Soup and then to have Travis and Amanda stay to pass out candy with us.

The only trick with that was trying to get the trick-or-treaters to stay at the door while we both passed out candy, they were so shocked to get to choose from two families at one door.

The bigger treat was that Travis and Amanda's older daughters were so good to try to get Brother to come trick or treating. He hasn't really been for a few years. It really freaks him out, I guess. No biggy. It was just neat to see friends encouraging him to go. I love that he has friends who care that he gets to experience things with them. There was no trick there.

Sister, however, went with them and it was so sweet that they helped her along and she had that opportunity. Our neighborhood takes such great care of us! No trick there either.

When the girls were done taking Sister and Pepe around Travis took them down another few streets. That was a treat.

The trick, he said, was keeping Sister calm although she had left her Power ranger gloves at the house and then to keep her focused from house to house.

I can't express enough how great it was to have our friends involved in our Halloween.

Another treat was having my mom and dad come visit us on her Halloween Birthday.

The trick was trying not to laugh while I recorded this (It's Brother laughing, not me.)
You HAVE to watch this. It makes her costume even funnier.
Her voice reminds me of the girl from "Singing in The Rain."

Hope everyone had as much fun trick or treating as we did here!

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