Thursday, November 22, 2012

Today I am Thankful for...

Sister's ability to draw this sweet little turkey in her art class at school.

Sister's extreme love for cheese to the point of gnawing at the
whole block and then hiding it under her pillow. I am also thankful I found it.

And books. Lots and lots of books... everywhere in my house. I am thankful that I have become so proficient at putting them all back after Sister stacks, lines and piles them in various areas. I am also thankful that I think to take pictures of these things so that I can laugh about something later that wasn't so funny at the time. (This is actually after we had spent some time picking up.)

For neighborhood friends who play with our children.

For cooking lessons.

Brother's tracking sheet that comes home with the note saying he tried out for a solo in choir!

Friends who want to come spend time with our kids because they enjoy learning about Fragile X
and because they enjoy our children's company.

Free haircuts that Brother will only complain about for half of the time.
(And dads who think to take the picture)

The tradition my Grandma V started of making apple turkeys that my sister, Jessie continued on in our own family Thanksgiving Dinners.

photo by Pointe Digital Photography
And of course my family. My beautiful and endearing family.
Without them, I would have none of this to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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