Thursday, November 8, 2012

And then she was three

I can't believe how time flies past.

I know, if you are a teenager reading this, it seems time doesn't go by fast enough and every time you hear an "old" person say that you wonder what they are talking about if they don't experience summer vacation anymore...

But it does.

The day we got Baby's test results back for being positive for Fragile X I have been planning for the day she would turn 3 and start going to Special Needs Preschool. (If you want to read about that particular day just under 3 years ago, go here.)

With both Brother and Sister it was a little while after their birthdays that they actually got on the big yellow bus and went to school.

But, Baby was lucky and started school right on her 3rd birthday.

My mom just happened to be there on her big first day.

My mom cried.

I didn't.

I'm used to it, I guess.

Or maybe my Prozac just keeps me from crying... ha ha ha ha!

Anyway, I know that she will love it when she gets there. It was a little heartbreaking, though, because she was so HAPPY to get on the bus just like she has seen her big brother and sister do for the last 3 years and then watch her face fill with confusion as the bus pulled away.  It's hard to explain the experience of having all three of your children start school and riding a bus at such a young age.

When brother got on the big bus at age 3 I balled like a newborn baby.

When Sister got on the bus I cried a little once I got back into the house.

When sister got on the bus I just realized that this is my lot in life, and it is hers too, and it is what it is: an opportunity for her to grow beyond what I am capable of helping her do.

I didn't even get any photos. Just video.

But I had been trying to take some cute pictures of her just for her "school" pictures because she freaks out for the photographer at the school so I thought I would try it myself, but, she wouldn't let me. I tried to get some candid ones and tried to get her to look at me and smile. I guess I'll just have to have someone else try it while I keep her entertained.

Here are some photos I took just before her 3rd birthday that don't look great, but touch my heart anyway... I mean just look at those Baby blues!

She's telling me "No. Please!"

I distracted her for a moment with a book
This is the look that says, "Seriously, are you still trying this?"

And then the morning after her birthday she wanted to play with the book Grandma Judy had given her.

She's happy as can be until...

she realizes how tired she still is and then...

gets mad at me for taking her picture..
I love my sweet little 3-year-old who now talks more since she has been in school, seems to understand more of what is being said, and actually sits with the class at carpet time! Who says miracles don't happen!

Happy belated-on-the-blog Birthday Baby!

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