Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Holiday and Birthday, Same Time--Different States

I bet most of you didn't know that I spent Thanksgiving and Brother's 13th Birthday here at home while Marc and Brother were in visiting family 800 miles away!

Yes, the magic of blogging, you never truly know what really goes on behind the scenes... until I reveal them to you (sneaky smile inserted here).

It was all very last minute. I thought Marc needed to get away to see his brother and sister. He also really needed to see the beach—I think it rebuilds him each time he sees it and gets to breath in the sea air and walk on the shore. His parents were heading out for a couple of weeks and I thought it would be great for Marc to tag along.

Marc thought about it; missing Thanksgiving with me and the kids, missing Brother's 13th birthday.

But then, he thought, "hey, I could bring Brother with me..."

I was so excited for them to have a trip together. They have never done this before, so it was going to be a groundbreaking experience for both of them.

So, the Monday before Thanksgiving Marc arranged with his parents to only be gone for one week instead of two so that Brother didn't miss too much school, nor Marc too much work and then they were packing.

Brother was NOT excited about going away.

But, by now, you have all learned how that goes... he doesn't want to go, we strongly encourage him, he ends up having the time of his life.

So, I will spare you the details and just let you know that he got into the car on Tuesday morning at 5:30 am with only a small wimper and his horse blanket wrapped tightly around his body and over his head. (Thank goodness the L-family gave him his birthday gift early...)

I didn't quite know what to think of only me and the two girls at home...

Should I be sad?

Tee hee!

Nope I had fun! It's weird how, when you have 1 less child (2 if you count the hubby) how much easier it seems...

Notice I said "easier," not "easy."

Thanksgiving came and I was having a blast making apple turkeys and disguising turkeys with my family and the girls. I am glad I had that time to just have fun and not miss my boys. It was all a very good distraction.

This is a video of our Thanksgiving Fast Feast, one and a half hours of eating mashed into just under 2 minutes. I just thought it would be something fun, but, I must say I think my dad ends up being the main star of the show:
Music is from Mindy Gledhill. I love her music! And you can download a free song of Mindy's here.

We got pretty competitive with our Turkey creations. Check them out:

Above and Below are all the Disguised Turkeys we created, there were some VERY creative ones. You really need to get close to see them all. We were having so much fun that some of us did 3 or 4 of them.

These were a couple of my favorites: Aaron's astronaut and Sister's Fox... I love that sister even did spots for her Fox Turkey, so if that Turkey was dancing would you call it a Turkey Trot or a Fox Trot? ...

Here we are at Jessie's table with all our materials (andy and apples) to make our apple turkeys

I have to zoom in on my two favorite... mine (on the left) and Aaron's pig (on the right) -- he always has to be the different, more creative one...

Here are most of them.
And here are the turkeys that fell asleep while we had fun... can you tell they are related? (my dad and his brother) I kind of got a kick out of seeing the baby doll all cuddled up next to Uncle Jeff... yes, that is a doll.

While me and the girls had Thanksgiving fun, so did Marc and Brother:
Marc's brother, Aaron, and his wife, Julie whipping up something great for the feast.

Brother keeping busy

I was jealous, though, because Marc got to meet our new nephew, Nate, and our new niece, E. Poor little E broke her arm that week while rollerskating. And doesn't my new nephew look like Superman?

Here's Brother eating with his cousins at the "kid's" table. So cute. I totally remember those days as a kid.

Me and the girls slept at my mom's that night. My mom and I went to see what all the hubbub was about at the Black Friday Sales while my dad stayed with the sleeping girls.

We went.

Were overwhelmed.

We left.

When we got home I made my mom stay up with me and watch an episode of The Twilight Zone.

The next day we played outside while we watched others work. Then we ate my mom's yummy pizza.

Baby love's the baby mule

Joel and Uncle Jeff were the ones working the hardest.

Sister wasn't done partying so that night (Friday) we slept at Jessie's.

The next day on Brother's big 13th birthday I tried taking the girls to the movie with Lindsey's help. Baby lasted about 30 minutes and then I had to take her out in the hall and let her run. Baby escaped from me at one point and ran into and open movie theater door and ran all the way to the front of the theater before I could catch her. The crowd was laughing about her almost getting in because it was a rated R movie and they new this little preschooler wasn't supposed to be in that theater. A few people called out as I herded her back to the doorway, "She almost made it!" It was embarrassing and funny at the same time.

I finally took her out to the arcade where she had more fun on the pretend motorcycles and cars.

Sister soon joined us and I told Lindsey to go ahead and finish out the rest of the movie while the girls played. They didn't want to leave anyway.

Then we got home and I wrestled (literally) the girls the rest of the night until we were all in bed.

This is how Marc and Brother spent his 13th birthday:
This is the tree that we always get a picture on when we come to this beach, so Marc decided to keep the tradition.

Brother LOVES his cousins and was so happy to be at the beach with them for the day.

Marc wishes this would have been him. He did talk to the surfer afterwards though.
Someday we both want to try surfing!

Bree found a starfish and Brother couldn't have been happier

He really didn't want to let it go. He wanted to keep it for a pet.

They got to see the monarch's during their migration, those are all butterflies! Amazing!

Brother does not want to be 13 so he keeps telling everyone he is 12... or 21...
When they got back from the beach Marc's sister, Amber had pizza and a cake all ready for Brother's Birthday Party. Aw. So sweet. I was glad she had a party for him since I couldn't be there to do it. Thanks, Amber.

They even sang to him and did candles...

you can see that his little cousin, ended up helping him out with that:

Little Teddy was a big help while Brother hid under the pillow...

Happy Birthday my big 13!

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