Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sister's ideas of fun

Sister spent 8 months being completely and totally excited about Zac's arrival, and now that he is here, her excitement level is even higher!

She just can't get enough of him. She would have me live over there so that she could be with him 24/7. In fact, I have caught her several times calling him her little brother. She has also been talking a lot about when Brother was just a baby and calling him her little brother too. I have to keep reminding her that she has a big brother and that Zac is her cousin. (smile)

Sister also LOVES Power Rangers and, more often than not, is rehearsing lines from the show, rehearsing actions from their "power moves" and making up imaginary foes to fight.

When my mom found this costume at a yard sale for a couple of bucks she just knew she had to get it.

My mom came all the way up just to give it to her and see her reaction and she was not disappointed. She danced down the hall and in the front room for at least 5 minutes singing, "Oh ya! Oh ya! Oh ya!"

She has worn it every day since Saturday and the neighborhood may just think that Power Rangers are real after seeing one do Karate moves all over the front yard and sidewalk.

We have had a LOT of snow lately.

We have a metal roof and the snow slides right off. I had to take a picture of it before it fell so you could see what it looks like.

Before the Power Ranger suit was the snow suit for Sister. She loved playing in the snow. She went out every day after school for 5 days straight.

It all started after I went out with the neighborhood kids to build a snow sculpture (more on that in another post later).

I was so happy to see that Sister had made a little snowman of her own with a branch for an arm and everything.

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hannahsarah said...

Hi! I've been hopping blogs, looking for families who have a FragX girl. I have a 10yo daughter with FragX, and she is a Red Power Ranger for Halloween this year!

I look forward to reading more. Have a blessed day.