Saturday, November 17, 2012

Roley Poley Poo

You know, as a mother, you always try to make sure your kids are eating right, eating healthy.

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You want them to gain weight, grow taller, look healthy.

You know, that "mom" stuff we worry about.

At our house the way our kids eat is a constant concern/thought/obsession.


Side effects partially.

Sometimes with certain meds children lose their appetites as a side affect.

But, more often than that, our kids just don't want to stop running, jumping, swinging, rolling, flipping, or flopping to sit and eat.

In fact, Sister's normal routine at dinner time is to sit in her chair, take one bite, run over to the couch arm, flop over it backwards 2 or 3 times until Marc and/or I strongly encourage her back to take another bite and then it starts over again. So because of not getting in enough nutrition between all the flips and flops she lives on PediaSure or a generic equivilant.

Brother won't eat unless it is meat with LOTS of Montreal Steak Seasoning on it (it's a spice full of garlic, pepper, onion and other strong flavors) or apples. And the consequence of that is the reakiness of garlic coming from his pores and his breath... mmmmm....

Baby, well, she just doesn't sit still really. The only way to get her to eat is by using the same seasoning Brother loves on pretty much anything---macaroni and cheese, hotdogs, chicken nuggets, lasagna. The way to help out with her nutrition is to supplement with Carnation Instant Breakfast.

Now, in case you haven't caught on yet, all these dietary issues are due to sensory needs.

Sister needs stimulation even when she is sitting to eat.

Brother has low sensory in his mouth so he needs lots of flavor to even enjoy his food.

And Baby, is like both Brother and Sister.

But, the problem with her is that with all the sugar she is getting in her diet from the Instant Breakfast drink it seems to affect her bowel movements.

I know, too much information.

But, it really is very funny.


Very funny.

Sometimes she poops pellets.

Ya, pellets.

Looks like little deer droppings.

I feel sorry for her a little, but it doesn't seem to bother her at all.

It really just bothers me, or any other person who is changing her diaper.

They roll.

What rolls?

Her poop.


Out of the diaper onto whatever surface is nearby.

You have to be ready to "catch" them in the diaper before you open it all the way.

There have been times when I stand her up after the diaper change that one pellet will come falling our of her shirt!

Once when I was changing her diaper at my parent's house, my dad passed by and calmly comments, "Ah... you lost a few..."

The other night after I came home from grocery shopping I met Marc on the way in while he was taking a stinky diaper out.

I came in and was getting Sister's bed ready for her to go to bed. As I was straightening her blankets I found, yet, another one of those pesky purple gummy mummy candies from Halloween dried and stuck to her bed. I picked it up but it felt a little different and it wasn't as sticky as the others I had to pry from her bed covers in the last week...


"Marc, did you change Baby's diaper on Sister's bed?!"

"Ya, why?"

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Cami said...

Hhahahaha! I can't stop laughing! :) you're blog is the best!