Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a White Elephant Christmas

I just love parties where you give white elephant gifts!

I get such a kick out of how creative people get. But the ones I saw this year were just down right funny!

Janice got the cool gift of 'stache and sunglasses ... don't leave home without 'em

Ummm... gold fish... real gold fish...

The T-shirt

Michelle borrowed Janice's sunglasses so she could get into the true feeling of Pro-wrestling... it even has "6 animated superstar light shows!" this belt was awesome (totally sarcastic... but man, I must say that Mariah does take the cake on the best white elephant gifts, my favorite one is next)

Do you see the picture? It is of Marc, from our Vegas Trip.
That's his (fake) autograph across the shirt! Bwa ha ha ha!!! This one took the cake.
I didn't get a picture but, Marc got a bunch of batteries with a label that read, "toys not included." Tee hee!

You'll have to check out last years post to see the other funny gift Mariah gave that Marc received last year here. (It's about half-way through the post.)

2 remarks:

Mariah said...

Oh, the pressure... What to do next year? I have a lot of fun messing with everyone's head. Especially Marc and Wayne's. Hee hee.

Mariah said...

Oh, and that picture of Janice is to die for awesome!