Sunday, December 11, 2011

Picture Perfect...

not yet, but, dang it, I'm gonna be!

I am bound and determined to become a photographer!

I have recruited several families to let me experiment on them for free photo shoots.

Today I snapped an unsuspecting bald eagle and a heard of cattle...

hey, I'm learning how to do manual shots here, I am working on everything.

Here are my latest learning shots:
This family was on Friday afternoon. They were a lot of fun and were good to help me learn. This photo was done on full manual ( I was so proud) and later some filters in Photoshop

My sister and her fam. I have been trying to get them for a couple of weeks now, so I am glad it finally worked out. This is one of my favorites and was shot with my shutter speed in manual and the rest was the camera... then Photoshop

See the bald eagle in the tree? This was full manual and then a little Photoshop boost

Cattle in full manual and no editing... yep, I am proud.

full manual and then some Photoshop magic, this is actually one of Pioneer Woman's actions -- Old West

full manual and some Photoshop magic

Photography has been such a fun, new hobby for me. I am really enjoying it, and I hope to turn it into another side job along with my design work.

I am so thankful that among all my responsibilities of raising a family and being a wife that I can have things for myself to be proud of and have fun doing!

Every mom needs an out, a hobby, something that reminds her that she can still have dreams and goals.

3 remarks:

linzlinzlinz said...

Love these. Of course you'd be an amazing photographer!

You can practice on us ANYTIME!

Move to Orem already ;)

James Walker said...

I have worked with dozens of photographers in my career and I can honestly say that your pictures are beautiful. The feelings captured are calming, and brink a sense of peace. Thank you for sharing them.

Rochelle said...

Lookin' good. I love old West! :) Winter is a great time to practice because just by spring and summer coming the pictures will be better, believe me! I love each and every season for different reasons, but each year as Spring comes I LOVE what it does to my photography!