Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Grandma Vivian died today

My dad called me early this morning to let me know that his mom had passed away.

I didn't cry until I heard my dad getting choked up trying to fight back the tears.

I had the responsibility of calling 3 of my siblings to be the bearer of bad news. That was tough.

I have never had to do that before.... be the one who has to tell a person that someone they love has died.

Once I got past the emotional phone calls I realized that I was not crying because she had died because I knew she had been suffering for a long time, I was actually glad that she could be with her hubby up in heaven. I know she has missed him these last 15 years. I think I was mostly overcome with the empathy I had for my dad. I don't care how old you are, you still think your parents will live forever.

I haven't been to see my Grandma Vivian since the last Christmas.

I know, that's terrible.

I should have gone.

I just couldn't bring myself to see her in so much pain and so seemingly unaware of goings-on around her.

Maybe I just saw the wisdom in Brother's philosophy... he didn't want to remember her suffering. He wanted to remember the time he held her hand at Christmas last year.

We all deal with grief in our own ways.

Brother cried pretty hard for about 5 minutes and then he came to grips and was able to realize that his Great Grandma Vivian would be able to keep his other Great Grandma company in heaven.

We had a family gathering tonight.

Brother and Sister both gave my dad a hug. I am positive it is because they sense his sadness in losing his mother.

I am re-posting the entry of Brother with Grandma last Christmas, because this is the kind of stuff all of us should remember... (you can skip all the way to the part that starts with Brother)

Our last Christmas with Grandma Vivian

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Bonnie@TheFragileXFiles said...

So sorry for your loss, Rachael. Very touching to hear how Brother and Sister both hugged their grandpa, though. I love that.