Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What They Said, What I Took

What they said:
I haven't written down all the sweet thing that Baby has been saying lately... bad mommy...

Anyway, this morning she said, "iPod" !!!!

And it wasn't just because!

She saw Sister's iPod sitting on the dresser, looked at me and said, "iPod." (she was bound to love Apple products—remember this picture?) I was so excited! I mean she has been saying random words here and there, but they are not always functional. Although she has gotten pretty good at "mine!" when she doesn't want to share...

She dances to music... well, she turns to the music. In fact in church on Sunday she was up in front dancing to the closing hymn. I hope that gave people a good chuckle :)

Then today at playgroup she said "dah" for 'down.' That was a great milestone too! Oh, the excitement.

Sister has been asking EVERY day where Santa is. She wants him to come so bad. I am going to put up some kind of count-down calendar up to help her out. And I have to chuckle at what she wants Santa to bring her—an iPod—because Baby always has Sister's iPod...

For the past few weeks Sister will tell me these big long stories about kids at school, and I do mean BIG, LONG stories. I know she embellishes them quite a bit, but, oh, how I love to here her weave the tapestry of her story. He intonations, her facial and body expressions, the way she anticipates my reaction. It's absolutely priceless. I am going to have to record her sometime if she will allow so you can all enjoy it.

What I took:
I have to share a few of the pictures I took.

I am so proud.

I guess I have just always seen how awesome the photos are when someone has already been shooting for a while so it is fun for me to share with you my little photography journey. I am so anxious to get better and better. These are the pictures I told you about that I took at my parent's house. My sister-in-law, Chelsea, even took one of me with my nifty-thrifty camera. Oh and I found some great tips at Pioneer Woman's site in her photography section that really helped me understand shutter and aperture, not to mention Rochelle and Chelsea both gave me great tips!





My mom

Chelsea took these of me... woo woo!
The End

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Rochelle said...

That is a pretty nice ending!! lol