Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The First on The First

So, today was our first big snow of the season on the first of November.

I still can't believe it is already November.

I stifled my desire to listen to Christmas music today.

But, I am sure I will give in tomorrow.

I didn't manage to get pictures, really of our Halloween celebration (but I will tell you all about it next post).

I did get, however, pictures of the kids enjoying the first snow of the season...
Sister was the one who started it and soon, Brother and Baby were out there with her.

After falling down a few times, Baby decided to just stand in one place...

and she stood

but, she fell anyway

Brother was a good helper
It was fun to watch them play outside and Brother and Sister even joined in making snowmen with the neighbor friend. Yay! I love it when they socialize!

And to end off with, I just thought this looked cool since the snow came before the leaves fell off it was a contrasting sight, although I think maybe, a few limbs got bent from the weight...

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