Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Wheely Fun Birthday Treat

Brother's birthday is coming up.

Everyone will be gone on vacation for the Thanksgiving Holiday so I took birthday treats to his class today.

I didn't use to do this because, 1) I didn't know parents did that kind of thing when he was younger, 2) He never wanted me at school because that is not where I belong.

So today I showed up with a couple of his favorites: Oreo's and Ring Pops (Ya, so the Ring Pops had Halloween prints on them... hey I got 44 of them on clearance for $4, don't make fun).

His teacher, Mrs. C, being the blessed person that she is, was trying to help him get over his nervousness and encouraged him to hand out the treats to his class. (He is in a small group, self-contained classroom.)

I also brought enough treats for him to share with his inclusion class.

Mrs. C thought he should be able to pass those treats out also.

This is where it gets really good...

He was doing the thing he does best and was squealing "no" because he was too nervous to go to his other classroom to pass out treats (part of that reason is probably because he has a crush on a girl in that class and he was giving her an invitation to his birthday party also).

Mrs. C wasn't sure how far to push him so she decided to give him a ride instead of a push...

She sat on her classroom chair that has wheels, sat Brother on her lap and they wheeled over to the Inclusion Classroom!

Love it!

At first he was a little apprehensive and upset and then about half way there he began to giggle.

Once they got to the doorway of the classroom the entire class sang "Happy Birthday" to him.

He tried to hide as best he could while they sang and then she could see he had done the best he could and she let him run (I like to call it more of a "flit" than a run) back to class while she passed out the treats.

When she came back to the classroom to make sure all was well, Brother had a grin from ear to ear. He was so happy and proud of himself.

Now, let me say first, Mrs. C was the one who gave me this full account by phone because she wanted to make sure I was OK with what she did. (She did mention that sitting on a wheeled chair while using your legs to go down the hallway was a pretty good workout!)

I was giggling with excitement the entire phone call:

Number 1) Because she cares about him so much as her student that she was willing to wheel herself and him on a classroom chair past other classrooms just for Brother's benefit and social learning

Number 2) Because I know that even though Brother can throw a fit because of his nervousness, he truly was so happy that he got to do that that it was the first thing he told me about when he got home

And to top it all off the sweet young girl that he invited to his Birthday party asked if she could bring her friend with her too!!

My son is going to have a birthday party with friends.

I am beyond elated!

My son has an amazing teacher who really cares about her students and kids at school are so sweet to him. Now you can ask any parent of children with special needs and those are definitely two things that rank up there with "important."

It was a great day!

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Kari said...

That is so awesome!!! Love everything about this post! His teacher sounds amazing and he is so lucky to have her. What a blessing. :-)