Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Wonder of a Wand

I have to tell you that my life just wouldn't be as peachy as it is if it wasn't for the many people in it who serve and love my children.

Brother's scout master, Johnny, really cares about Brother.

So much so that even through Brother running from him, squealing when he comes for a visit and avoiding him in the halls at church, Johnny understands that Brother really does love the fact that he is cared about and thought about and just gets overwhelmed by the attention.

Well, Johnny went the extra mile for Brother's birthday and asked Marc if Brother liked Harry Potter and wands...

Ummm, ppppffth!


Brother loves Harry Potter. In fact "Harry Potter" was actually one of his first phrases (if you can call it a phrase). He would even say it in a British accent and then do the bow with his fake wand (a stick, straw, or cooking spoon). It was a real party pleaser (I know, weird, he doesn't like attention but, he LOVES acting.).

Johnny made a magnificent wand for Brother's birthday. He even made 4 other little ones for the rest of us so we could have wizarding duels. (smile)

Brother was so excited to use his new wand while we watched the 8th and last installment of the Harry Potter movies. He and Sister have been having duels and "casting spells" for 3 days now. It is so much fun to see.

I haven't yet had the opportunity to get a picture of Brother's wand other than this moment you will see here where he was laughing trying to make me disappear. (Baby is attacking him from behind)

3 remarks:

Karen Mayes said...

I LOVE that picture!! I always tell people, "loving my Grant is loving me". How wonderful Brother has Johnny in his life.

Unknown said...

Thank you Rachael. You made my day.


Annie Valerio said...

ha ha how cute. Ryder is getting into Harry Potter and Star Wars these days so he loves his swords :)