Saturday, November 12, 2011

I am Surrounded... amazing people!

Brother wanted to take something special for Show and Tell at school today. What better than the ceramic horse he painted, remember? I am so proud of him and he is so proud of him that we were both very excited for him to show it off to his friends. We wrapped it up in a small towel and then placed it in a bag and then carefully placed it into his backpack.

He made it onto the bus safely and didn't trip or anything causing any breakage.

Then I got a message on my voice mail, "Umm, Rachael, this is Brother's Teacher. He wouldn't put his horse away in his backpack and wanted to set it on his desk... then he bumped his desk. Are you OK if I glue it back together?"

How cute is that. I am just picturing Brother's sweet teacher taking time to glue his horse together, which had broken into 4 pieces. I was so impressed with her concern for Brother that she would do all that for him. She did a good job too.

Then later Marc and I were able to go on a date because of Friday Night Kids, a group here in our area that coordinates volunteers to entertain, watch, and be with our children along other children with special needs twice a month. It is such a wonderful service they provide for children with special needs all the way up to age 21. It's so heartwarming to see all the people who are willing to sacrifice their Friday night to help out families who have children of special needs.

I got such a kick out of all the sweet college kids who were there on dates and activities to serve children who have a variety of special needs. It was so neat to see how excited the volunteers were to get to know all the kids that were there.

When we came to pick them up one of the girls had to run right up to me and tell me that our kids were her favorite ones and just how much fun they were. They were especially excited when they heard Baby count to 10.... still amazes me too.

I am amazed at the wonderful things that people do to be of service to our children!

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