Monday, September 26, 2011

Table Top Coloring

 All 3 of my kids LOVE to color. They never get bored of it. I seriously think that I may be one of the only mothers that actually buys out the coloring books at the dollar store when they come in.

The favorites at our house are My Little Ponies, Littlest Pet Shop, Strawberry Shortcake, anything horses or trains, and definitely no crazy-hard-overdetailed coloring books, which usually leaves out the super heroes or anything like it. They like simple, happy, thick-lined, fun coloring books. I think I buy at least 5-10 each month... no kidding. We recycle a lot around here.

Here's Baby during some of her personal coloring time:
Yes, this is how my table looks pretty much everyday, including Baby... I guess she can't see the coloring book very well from the chair so she has to climb on top to get in full coloring position. I think she enjoys having Sister gone to school for a little bit so that she can have free reign of the coloring materials.

She colored to her heart's content. Now she is ready for nap time. Tee hee!

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