Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Long Bike Train or Best Dad Ever!

I couldn't decide which title I liked better.

One title reminds me of a song title and the other just tells you what a great dad Marc is.

Whichever title you like best...

Anyway, Marc got a new beach cruiser.

It wasn't even from a yard sale this time.

It was brand new! Wow!

He is pretty excited.

The same day he bought his bike I found a bike extension at a yard sale for $20. Coolest thing ever. You just hook it on to the bike seat and your passenger can "pedal" behind you.

Marc decided it would be cool if he hooked up the bike extension to his bike and hooked up the bike trailer (remember we got that for $5) to the bike extension. Hence, the long bike train, bike+extension+trailer=the coolest daddy-daughter train ever!!

The girls were pretty excited for the ride. They were just trying it out in front of the house before the rain hit.

Man, I love our life!

4 remarks:

Karen Mortensen said...

That looks like fun.

Karen Mayes said...

I love it! That's a great picture. What a wonderful family!

Suzy said...

Man! Can you find me an extension!? You find everything! I go to yard sales and I just find leftovers. You are the ultimate yard saler!

Rochelle said...

Ok after you find Suzy one, can you find me one?? We can't go on bike rides anymore because we only have one trailer and the twins go in it and Ellie isn't fast enough:( Soooo I didn't even know these existed, I need to get one, this is awesome!