Wednesday, September 7, 2011

In the Dog House and The Writing on the Wall

We went to a friends house for dinner on a Saturday night. It was so great to see them.

Baby was perfectly happy to sit in their dog's kennel... with the dog... thank goodness it was a good dog.

Sister was happy with our friends' daughters and seemed to be right in her element with them. I even felt somewhat of a comfort as I descended the stairs into the basement to check on the girls and saw dark, black "artwork" all over the walls of the stairway and all on the banister. I was "admiring" the artwork when one of my friend's daughters said, "Did you see what [Sister] did?"

"Hmm?" I questioned.

"She drew a snowman on the wall. Look," the little girl tells me.

Now instead of trying not to look too hard at the writing on the wall, I study it and see Sister's name written above all the artwork which is on both walls and the wood banister.

Cue stomach drop.


I am mortified.

Here I am thinking that someone else's kid has done this to their own house when in fact, it was my daughter doing it so someone else's house.

"Aaaaaaaaahhhhh. Oh no. Oh no," my head is frantic.

I decide (hesitantly) to go check the rest of the basement to see if any other damage had been done.

A door. Check.

A large desk. Check.

A square of floor. Check.

And a large piece of cardboard. Check.

I apologize profusely and then ask if she has a magic eraser or something to get permanent marker off the walls. I mean, this is Sister we are talking about, she doesn't just do a half job. She goes full bore.

Thankfully as I start to wipe away the writing it came off with ease...

Can I just give a shout out, right now, to the genius who invented dry erase crayons?!!!

You are so wonderful. I was able to clean off the walls, banister, door, desk and floor with ease. Time, but, ease.

I figured the cardboard would be OK with a little decoration.

Anyway, so that was that. Let's end on a good note and leave you with this little clip of Baby trying to fill her Brother's shoes:

Baby LOVES to wear everyone else's shoes...

Oh, and you want to know the other great thing to tell you about Baby. She said, "Momma," for the first time. Aaahhh. I thought I heard angels singing. She has even said "mommy," a few times. Oh, the joy of hearing your "name."

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Julie said...

Christian left his signed artwork on my wall with permanent marker. I know that sinking feeling in your stomach! Good thing it came off so well!

Yeah, Baby, for melting your Momma's heart! Love it!