Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Mother's Day at the Dentist

I look forward to the to getting my cavities filled at the dentist...


It is about 1 - 2 hours of me laying in a comfy, reclining chair watching whatever I want to on TV.

I sit there and watch relaxed, waiting for the dentist to start the work thinking how much I need this break.

Then the dentist comes and I am reminded that this 2 hour visit isn't gonna be all TV and relaxation...


I'm trying to watch "I Love Lucy" and all I keep seeing is the dentist's face... Maybe he should have the TV screen on his head.

I was right back to having the feeling of watching TV with my kids... a BIG fat head in my view!!!

Plans for relaxation for two hours foiled.

And because I couldn't watch TV, the focus on the fact that my jaw was opened wide enough to swallow a hippo (I'm not joking)  became the only thing I could think about. The hippo could have fit in there along with all the dental tools. I am still trying to massage my jaw back to normal... just sayin'.

So, once the work is all done and my top right side of my face is numb and saggy I lay there in the chair for a few minutes even though I need to pee... really bad... because I refuse to leave before I have had enough time to relax. But the darn dental assistant has taken my headphones so now all I can do is read lips of "I Dream of Genie."

The nerve.

So I get up to use the restroom and find that with the stretched of my jaw, gravity now has an affect on how far my chin hangs down, not to mention the numb-hanging of my upper lip. I'm lookin' hot.

I come out of the bathroom and I have to pay my bill and the receptionist is all "sweetie" and everything and so I have to smile back at her so I don't look too rude... I can only imagine what my smile looked like...

wait, let me re-create for your enjoyment... just sec...


Notice how I even did the tired eyes for full affect? Actually, I am just tired.

But, that is pretty close to how I must have looked trying to be cheerful after my "relaxing" fillings.

Next time I post I get to tell you all about forget-me-nots. I'm excited.

Don't forget!

2 remarks:

Bonnie@TheFragileXFiles said...

Ah, it's one of those "I know I'm a mom" moments.... when a trip to the dentist is a chance for relaxation!

Timothy Eastwood said...

Ahh, yes. There are moments when you have to go to a dentist so you try to get yourself distracted. But all you can see right in front of you is the dentist, so you have to focus on what he or she's doing for you.