Saturday, February 6, 2010

Still going...

Seriously,those energizer bunny commercials are what I think of when it comes to 4!! Here are some recent pictures of her antics:

This one is what she loves to do lately, pull out all her clothes out of her dresser and put them ina pile on the floor. She does this at least two times a day.

This one is another thing she loves to do this last month or two. She like to take certain items out of the junk drawer, pull out all four stools and place certain things on certain stools. Sometimes she makes the item talk to each other and I have even seen her put a couple of items in time out. Usually the time out chair is that stool next to the wall. Tee hee! She is hilarious!

1 remarks:

Amanda said...

that is so cute and funny about the different items. especially putting them in time out;) Your litle baby is so cute to!