Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just random... completely random...

I couldn't remember if I posted a picture of this but, 4 falls asleep on the floor a LOT. Here's a pic of her that I ran across today.

A while ago,I think last November or October my brother Daniel came and hung out while Tynelle was on a cruise.I took this picture of him reading to 4 to help her go to sleep. (Maybe she should have been on the floor...) posted this for you Daniel!!

Here's another older picture I ran across today: 18 took this picture of me while I was pregnant--I think I was trying to get 4 to go down for a nap and she sucked me in. Look how worn out I look! (smile)

Had to get a picture of Baby's cowgirl boots!!!!! 10 was trying to sneak in. Tee hee!

My mom with her mom and dad. Aw, fer sweet.

My beautiful mom with Baby.I love that she loves to hold her, but I giggle at the fact that she is scared to babysit her.I think she is still worried that she will stop breathing suddenly. Ha!

Me and Baby at my aunt's wedding

Me and Marc at our church Sweetheart's Ball put on by the Young Men and Women. Kirsten and Jeremy came and babysat the three kids from 6:30 to 9:45. They survived it, and did a good job. Thanks guys for helping us out. And by "out" I mean, out on a real date!

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The Chizel Family said...

I love your sweetheart picture! for cute! thanks for posting all those pictures, man that just makes me homesick. miss you guys. your mom looked great at the wedding!