Sunday, February 28, 2010

Come on, are you serious?

Ya, so I thought Sister was better. It must have paused for a moment while it went into full gear. The clear runny nose that was keeping her up at night and what not, turned into the green monster that peek-a-boos from the nostrils but never really goes anywhere! Aargh! So, Thursday night, I was up all night with her and with Baby.

Friday morning at 7:50am Brother came and woke me up—his bus arrives at 8:05am. I felt like I had been hauled in the back of a dump truck, dumped, and then brought back to a standing position. Now, let me paint the picture for you. I was only a standing zombie. After nights of being awake for various reasons. I was not awake, I was merely sleep walking awake. You know the feeling when everyone's voices sound like they are coming out of tin cans, your eyes are still blurry—either from eye boogars or because your lids are so heavy they just can't open all the way so you are looking through your eyelashes. Anyway, that was me. Brother is all excited, bouncing off the walls because he is proud that he woke up on his own and had to come wake Mommy up. I had to get him his medicine and that was the first thing I thought to do in my groggy state. In the middle of pulling out his medicine I remembered I needed to take my own medicine on an empty stomach. I set my pill organizer down. Went to give Brother his pill and realized that Friday's section was gone already. I don't remember taking his pill but, I did! Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!! Blankety blank blank blank!!!!! Not only do I not want the effects of his medication but I am nursing!!! Aaaaahhhhh!!! Suddenly I was completely and totally awake! I call the doctor and am informed that he medicine I just took can pass through the milk and is really bad for Baby.Come on! Are you serious?! I think in my head. What else can go wrong around here! I mean honestly, if you all only knew the mishaps I have had with medicine you would be ... ugh.. I don't know... you would be.... something. Anyway, so I have to pump for 12 hours until the meds are out of my system.

Now when you have a nursing baby and you give them a bottle all day for the first time ever they are a little confused. But, all considering, she actually did quite well.

I will now not complain about being attached to Baby all day. Because that is much better than being attached to a pump.

I grew up on dairy farm. Come on. That is just demeaning! I do, I feel like a cow! When I was at the hospital and they let me use their double electric breast pump (oh, I hope I can say "breast" on my blog--oops!) I seriously wanted to "moo" outloud because it was just ridiculous sitting there while milk is being extracted by a machine—oh the things we women do for our children. It is truly amazing!

Anyway. I made it through the day. I was able to go singing with my mom, my sisters and my aunt and it really cheered me up. I felt like a horrible mom all day—still do a little. I hope Heavenly Father knows what he is doing, entrusting me with these kids.

Today Baby is now sick with what Sister had. Aaargh! (I get that from Charlie Brown.) I hope we make it through this without RSV!

Anyway. On Thursday I got some great pictures of Baby and Sister too.

Baby is four months and is holding her head up better. Once in a while I put her in this play saucer and she is entertained for a few minutes. Gives me enough time to brush my hair.
Sister likes to play with her too.

Then this one of Baby is just too cute not to share.

I love to do Sister's hair. Here is a fun one I made up on the fly. Had to share. And her face is priceless... tee hee hee.

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The Chizel Family said...

oh are amazing! the kiddos are so cute!

Suzy said...

If it makes you feel any better, I am really bad about medicine too. First of all, I just realized I forgot to take my meds at 3...back to my comment. Once Shane took 1 Tablespoon instead of 1 tsp. Had to call poison control and watch him for 24 hours. Then once he needed eye drops, so I promptly handed him ear drops, which completely burned his eyes. He's lucky I didn't blind him! =)