Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Names, Little Valentine, Firsts and 33rd

So in case you haven't noticed by the new header. I have decided to call 10 "Brother," and 4 is now "Sister." It will be a little more personal and may cut down on some confusion. I have not yet figured out names for 13 and 18, so hang in there for those two. So, now with that out of the way, I will move onto the rest of the post.

This is a picture of Baby as our Little Valentine. She was in her pink pajamas and on of the foam heart stickers from Sister's Valentine bag had wandered into our bedroom and we thought it was funny when we decided to stick on Baby's pink PJ's. She looked like a special Valentine. So, since I haven't said it yet, here you go, "Happy Valentine's Day!"

For President's Day we went out and did a bunch of free fun stuff.

Marc had to go shoot some GPS shots in for work quick so we all rode along so the kids could see him at work for the first time. Brother thought it was awesome! There were some guys working there and Brother thought it was cool to watch dad go around with his GPS machine—he tried to stay right next to him the whole time.

trying to keep up

notice Brother's new shoes?

here he is gasping at the deep hole

Sister patiently waiting in the car—she was scared of he machines working in the road

We were given a gift certificate from my Aunt Aleesa so we went to a restaurant for a late, totally free, lunch. Brother and Sister did so well. I was really proud of them. They ate all their food too. I think I shocked the waitress though when I was nursing Baby. Now come on all you, I was in the corner booth and using my nursing cover (or as we fondly call it, "The Hooter Hider"). Don't worry, she had nothing to be shocked about, just different, I guess. Funny.

Then Marc took Sister and Brother on their first dump truck ride!

They were so giddy with excitement they could hardly contain themselves!! I could still hear their giggles over the tremendous roar of the truck's engine!

big smiles

Here I was trying to take a picture of all three of them but, they couldn't sit still through their excitement. Tee hee!

Then they got to go on their first big loader ride! Boy that was a hit. They each got a turn to ride by themselves with Daddy.

Brother said that the sand that was getting dumped out of the bucket looked like a waterfall—he said it like it was the most beautiful site around!

After the rides we went to a car dealership and let Brother and Sister look at all the new cars. We did this because Brother LOVES to look at cars and the freeway and tell us what cars he likes the best. We have decided we will try to teach him more about cars and we thought t hat looking at them would be a good place to start. Here are some Brother quotes after seeing the cars.

After looking at the Toyota Venza, "Mom, that was absolutely gorgeous inside! You should see it in there! It is absolutely incredible!"

After looking at the Toyota Forerunner,"Holy cow! We should buy that car, mom! We really should it is absolutely beautiful!"

On our way home driving on the freeway, "We should buy a new Venza, mom. They are absolutely gorgeous!" I reply, "I wish we were rich so that we could, Brother." Then he says with confidence, "We are rich mom!" Oh the innocence of youth—I'm glad we have kept him comfortable enough for him to feel rich—of course I guess it doesn't take much—he thinks that $10 is $10,000—money means nothing to him.

On Sunday we had a Valentine's party that was also my 33rd birthday party!!!

It was SO much fun!! My mom really went all out!

It was so neat to have 13 and 18 there with their parents, Amy and Frank. I had a blast. I wish all my siblings could have been there.

M, B, and Sister decorating Valentine cookies
Marc thinking he is getting out of the picture

A goofy "blowing out the candles with a lot of force because there are only 4 of them"picture. Always gotta have one of those!

My two moms at the party with Brother looking on.

Today I heard Baby's first laugh! Oh, it was so cute. I only heard it twice and then I couldn't get her to laugh again. I hope to get it on video soon.

And just for fun: Brother's Santa Face!

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The Chizel Family said...

oh man I miss you guys! How fun for the kids to go to work with their dad! Happy Birthday today...I would have called you already but I bet you would apprecitate it better if I waited until the sun was up at your house...so I will talk to you soon!

The Chizel Family said...

oh man I miss you guys! How fun for the kids to go to work with their dad! Happy Birthday today...I would have called you already but I bet you would apprecitate it better if I waited until the sun was up at your house...so I will talk to you soon!

Suzy said...

Happy late birthday! I'm a dork and should have said something when I saw you on Saturday. I'm so brain dead lately. Looks like a lot of fun you guys are having lately! Then again, it always looks like you guys are having fun!

Candace said...

Happy Birthday (new nickname, haha! ) Rachael! May all your birthday wishes come true! You truly deserve all the good things! So happy birthday from ALL of us!

Joel and Jessie said...

It looks like the kids were so happy at Marc's work!

Yo said...

Happy Birthday - I remember when I was 33!! Are 18 and Tyler dating for reals??

Kirsten Amelia said...

Wow, I've sure missed a lot. Every time I'm near a computer Jeremy gets it for homework. I'm so internet deprived! I love our family:)

Aaron said...

Haha oh man! I like the pics!

Rosanne Orgill said...

Hey happy birthday! Keep up the great work I love reading your posts. I don't always make a comment but I love reading them. Love it:)