Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Open Vent

Marc was sick all weekend.

Now Sister has it. Was up with her all night last night and the night before. Now she has started on the coughing.

She gags when she coughs with phlegm.

Which leads to throwing up.

Which means I will probably be up with her again.

Baby eats all the time. You can tell because she is chubbing up. That means I am, more often than not, attached.

How do you get things done while attached?

With the blinds closed and one handed...

OK, so maybe my neighbors have seen me streaking across the back window a few times. But, hey, the laundry needs to get done! So just turn your head... anyway... There are only so many things you can do with one arm free and Baby attached and cradled with the other arm.

Brother keeps whining about having to read his book at night. What is the deal. Am I a bad mom?

He reads for his teacher.

He reads for Papa James.

Why not me?

I don't know. Maybe I will never know. But, for now I guess I will take the time when he will "kind of" read to me.

And, what the heck! I am going crazy trying to figure out how to not miss 18 and 13 so much. It is tough because I think they are pretty mad at me or just confused or something.

I don't know.

I asked if 18 wanted to come with me to the grocery store. Not that that is exciting. I was just hoping that she would jump at the opportunity just to be with me.


OK, I know. I know.

They'll understand later.

But, I am here now... and it's hard to know you are not wanted or needed at the moment.

So why all this? Why all the venting? Do I need a pity party?


Yes! You are all invited. My house tomorrow at 1pm. We are having cookies, ice cream, and chocolate milk (with whole Vitamin D milk--we aren't skimping and using Skim). We will all tell our sob stories to see whose is the worst, we will complain so that we can tell each other, "no, you are a wonderful mother" and, "you are not fat, you look great for just having a baby" oh and of course, "just wait till their teenagers" and....


Never mind.

You can't come.

I have a sick kid.

6 remarks:

Holly's Mom said...

So I think you need to invest in a mobi wrap or a sling, she can be worn and you will have two hands free and she can feed like this, so you can do dishes, laundrey, though I wouldn't cook :-)

Check out my blog if you want to see a pity party about us being sick, the post titled @ mall in brandon, and thent he one titles the saga continues... It has been weeks and it is miserable, i feel the pain, and oooooh isn;t it the worst when they can;t blow there noses or spit out the phlem and they cough and well then throw up to get the phlem out, I hat, hate hate that! Good luck with everyone feeling better.

So I don't know the back story on "the book" but maybe he needs one he hasn;t read before so he is excited about the new challange, can you take him to the library to pick one out, make it fun, or taje turns reading, you read one page then he reads one?

Also, I have not been keeping up with your posts, so did you tell us why 13 and 18 had to go back "home" maybe try and have some one on one time doing something fun, I know impossible with a newborn and two other's at home, but could you perhaps take them to a movie, is that an option??

I am trying to find time to read again, so i hope to be back again soon.

Feel better, i'd love to come to your pity party, but I am home sick :-)

The Chizel Family said...

I know you probably don't want to but maybe try supplementing with formula once a day,it seems to keep them full longer

Kirsten Amelia said...

I love you:) Man, I totally wanted to come to the pity party!

Suzy said...

I feel your pain. I don't think we have had everyone feeling good since November!

Rochelle said...

I was on my way until I read the last line!!!

Sam & Nikki said...

Now I feel so bad that I had to have Marc come over on Monday night.

But I have to say thank you so very much for lending him to us...I would presume that he told you what was going on.