Sunday, January 31, 2010

Talking to the Floridians and other thoughts

So for the third time we were able to talk to my brother, Daniel and his wife over Google chat through Gmail. It is one of the coolest things ever! When we are able to see them on screen and talk I feel like I am in a Sci-Fi movie that I watched as a kid thinking that it would never be possible and then here I am seeing my brother hundreds of miles away. We live in such a miraculous time! I will have my camera next time and take a picture of the whole family talking to them on the screen.

Since I don't have pictures of that, here are some pics I sent Bryan of us while I was typing his letter.

Yesterday my mom and dad asked if we wanted to go to Mexican or Chinese for dinner. I thought I would ask the kids. 10's response to eating Chinese was, "Do we have to go to China?" He is so smart! I love it. Then when we went to the restaurant, which was the Mexican one, he and 4 were so well behaved it made me proud. You know, you hear what the world says a Fragile X kid can do and then you see what they do and you have so much hope. I am amazed everyday at the successes my children have. The fact that 10 is actually doing double digit multiplication still amazes me, I was excited when he was able to to the simple addition facts. 4 knows all her colors, letters, numbers and is reading family member's names. I am so excited for their successes. It is funny, when you have a child with mental challenges every tiny little thing is such a miracle.

... You know, it just hit me, as I was typing that paragraph above that, here I am—wallowing in self pity about the challenges that are in my life right now, that I have neglected to focus on the many miracles that surround me everyday. What am I whining for? Look around me! Come on Rachael, you are blessed! You are very blessed! Pick myself back up, dust myself off and start running again. You can do this! Yes, I can... wait, I just got tired again. I remembered my struggles again, man, I hate when they creep up and remind me of my misery and self-pity! Pppthth!!! Get over it, Rach! Run the race and don't give up till it's done! Ya! OK! Woo hoo!

3 remarks:

Rosanne Orgill said...

baby is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Landon Andrew said...

So true girlfriend! You have so much to be proud of! :-)

Julie said...

You are an inspiration, Rachael!