Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year's Day Basketball and Sledding

We all went and played basketball at my mom's church building on the morning of New Year's Day. It crazy fun. Let me list everyone who was there:
My Uncle Brad, his wife, kids, and their 3 grandkids, Kirsten and Jeremy, Mom, Jessie and Joel and their 3 kids, Aleesa and 3 of her kids and all of us. Whew!

It is no wonder I ended up spraining my ankle—OK, actually it is, because no one was around me... ya, I am a claud. I landed on it wrong after a shot—so I was out for a bit. But, it wasn't a bad sprain and my adrenaline was still going so I was able to play a couple of good rounds of prison ball. Man, that was fun. I do wish I had my camera that I had pictures of all of us and the fun we were having!

Right after that we went sledding with Marc's side of the family. Frank, Amy, Lynne and Gary and us. The hill wasn't too crowded and it was a blast. Even 4 went down multiple times by herself. 10 wanted to go with Frank and then eventually went by himself a few times. 13 was having a blast with some friends that were there that had some tubes, and 18 joined in. Fun was had by all. I have pictures of that.
I love the look on 10's face! Pure happiness. He LOVES his Uncle Frankee!

4 being brave and having a ball!

Marc and 4 — I love the action shot!

13 having a great time! I love his face in the picture above—classic!

I love Amy's face in this one! She is having a blast!

The observation bench. 10, 18 holding Baby, Amy and me

18 trecked up the hill many times to go back down with 4. I like the shot above with 18 looking down at 13 and his friends.

Here's baby all bundled up. She didn't go sledding but we wanted her to have memories of sledding and snow in pictures...

Happy New Year! I am almost all got up! Only 2 more weeks to catch up on.... ugh!

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