Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sick Baby and a Baptism

So the Saturday before Baby's blessing we took her to the Pediatrician because she was so congested and was having a hard time nursing. Now this is where having Fragile X makes it a little tougher for her. With FXS the connective tissues are low tone and can cause rattley breathing, snoring and ear infections. For instance, 10 had to have his adenoids removed at three months old because they were obstructing his breathing so badly. So when I go into the doctor for congested breathing I never know what we will hear. Anyway, the pediatrician on call knew about FXS and was actually good to factor that into Baby's problem. He listened to her lungs and they sounded good but, her congestion was the worst he had seen. He gave us some suggestions and one of them was for me to sleep in a reclined postion and allow Baby to sleep on my chest so that she was on her tummy in a reclined position and could allow her to breathe. It was a long week. I was up most of the nights mostly because I was trying to make sure she was able to breathe. I set us up a little spot in the study with the futon reclined, a humidifier, and a variety of things to keep her nose clear so that she could nurse and breathe. With a lot of work, dedication and a Father's Blessing, we made it through without having to get her into the hospital. We had her well enough by the Saturday that Frank was baptized.

Frank has been taking the discussions from the LDS missionaries since November 2009! That was fast! He has made some great changes in his life and you can see the light in his eyes.

Frank is 13's birth father. He was baptized on Saturday, January 9th. He was confirmed on Sunday the 10th. He seems to have a strong testimony of the scriptures and is very excited to be sealed in the temple to his wife someday. The thing he kept saying over and over again after his baptism was, "I feel so clean—like I have a clean slate! This is awesome!" Congratulations Frank!
Frank and the missionaries. Elder Liau (on the left in white) baptized him

10 was excited for Frankee

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Rochelle said...

wow that is awesome!!!

Sam & Nikki said...

I know this has not really anything to do with this post, more or less, but...have you meet the new ped Dr here in town? I got to work with him last week and I really liked him. He is working here on monday and Fridays and is in the other offices the rest of the week. Not that the kids will ever wait to be sick when he is here in town, right? I guess he waorked at Primary Childrens before he started for the clinic.