Saturday, August 1, 2009

Out of State Cousins and 9's Lone Mountain Horse Ride

Marc's parents have been visiting their other kids and grandkids out of state and just got back on Friday morning. They brought back 3 of their granddaughters with them: A, Z and E. 9 was so excited that they came and he ran and gave them hugs as soon as he saw them walking across the yard to our house. They have grown up so much and it is fun to have them here. 3 is infatuated with Z and keeps calling for her every couple minutes to join her in something. Z has been really good too, about playing with her and having a good time with her. In fact, with three extra girls around my job and 17's job of keeping 3 out of constant mischief has become much easier... they keep a good eye on her. So cute.

I got some pictures of them on the horse (which is all they could talk about until Marc got home to saddle Blue up). And a few of them on the swing and trampoline. It is going to be a fun week. Tonight we go to our town rodeo! They are all looking forward to that and the fireworks afterward.

They loved feeding the goat, and I missed pictures of them feeding grasshoppers to the chickens

13 in mid-air of his front flip...

E on the horse, she could stop smiling—until the sun got in her eyes for the pictures

Z of course loved the ride too.

A is all geared up for the ride and brought her hat and scarf all the way from home!

We have been preparing 9 for his big horse ride with Dad and 13 this morning. He even set his alarm for 5am to get ready for his 6am horse ride in the mountains. I wish I had it all on video—he was so excited that he was practically bouncing off the walls! So cute. Marc said he was having the time of his life on that horse. Our good friend was good enough to let us use two of his horses for the kids and he even ponied 9 so that Marc could get him on film. It's times like this—times with Dad, or times when he accomplishes something he didn't think he could—that my heart just bursts.
Getting ready for the ride...

look ma, no hands

I love my kids.

I love them, all four of them so much that I am just amazed that I get to have a fifth!

Oh the joy of motherhood given to us in so many shapes, sizes and circumstances.

You know, I hope that if 13 and 17's parents ever read this that they know that I am grateful that they sent their children to me. They are my joy and love and I will always keep them here with me in my heart and home—no matter how hard or how easy it gets, they are part of this family and have made a world of difference to all of us. 3 and 9, I hope you know that no matter what shape you came to me in, you are perfect to us! I wouldn't wish for you to be any other way—you teach me, you love me and you teach me to love. Thank you Heavenly Father for the chance I have been given to raise these four children and the blessing of caring for a new little girl soon to come. Only four months away! Oh, the joy and fear that surround the coming of a new baby.

Bring it on!

Wait... just in case "it" really does come, can we just remember that I was saying "Bring it on!" because of the inspiration and tender feelings I feel right now for my kids and not that I actually meant to send me any trials or whatever—if there are any angels reading this—don't take that literally... (smile)

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Kirsten Amelia said...

It looks like they had a grand ole time, eh? I'm glad I could chill at your house. It was fun!

Ethington Family said...

oh, I love to read your blog. You are so cute. I am happy for you and love your attitude. Plus I love all the pictures. and yes, we did have a blast!

Ethington Family said...

I had to laugh when I read your "quick one??" on my comments. I guess I should know better than to put that, it never ends up being that quick.
I guess I'm just long winded and it transfers over to my typing- haha