Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Holy cow, we have been busy with activity!!!!

Alright! Apparently camping all summer hasn't been enough. We had to sneak in a million other things when my nieces came to town. Get ready for the ride of the last three days...

9, A and E all at our small town rodeo on Saturday night.
There were fireworks afterward and the kids LOVED those. But, my favorite part of the night was teh "Ring of Fear"—they drew a circle in the arena and about six guys had to try to stay in it when they released a bull that was charging after them. It was quite a site, and made some fun for the rodeo clown and bullfighters!

13, MrT, and J-man in their black cowboy hats

Monday morning we went the pond park. Grandma G provided donuts and drinks! Mmm!

The fun continued with feeding the ducks and ducklings and later, "fishing"
3, 13, A, Z, 9 and E all out feeding the very-comfortable-around-people ducks

There I am in my green skirt on the right

Cute of Z and Grandma

13 and 3

13 catches a fish and later E catches one too.
Z is pouring the fish into 9's baggy and 3 thinks this is a great idea.

Here's how they caught the two fish

Then we released them back into the little ponds

9 was crying that released the fish and said he wanted to catch one. I said he could keep it if he caught one (thinking he wouldn't get one by himself) well, served me right. He caught one! And now it is on my kitchen counter in a glass bowl and still living. It loves to eat the flies we swat.

Later that evening we started a family karaoke party for our family home evening and then it later turned into a neighborhood PAR-TAY! Oh man, was it fun!
13 and Marc singing Beach Boys

Wow, look at me get down with A and 17!

9 wanted in on the fun

...and he did have fun!

Our friend and Marc singing "Old McDonald Had a Farm"
that was absolutely the highlight of my night! Bwa haa haa!

Me and our friend singing "Say a Little Prayer" which always takes me back to that scene in "My Best Friends Wedding"—too funny

Then on Tuesday morning we hit the "Two-buck Tuesdays at Thanksgiving Point"

Ya, 3 was like this MOST of the time. The crowd was just too much for her. She stayed in the wagon most of the time. But, she looked how I felt be the end of the day... (I mean, hello, I am five months pregnant, and we left home at 9am and didn't get home until 5:30 pm and 3 fell asleep when we got home and didn't wake up until 10pm—so yes, that is why I am up blogging until midnight—she is up watching movies)

Me, 13 and 9 feeding the fish

Z, A, E and 9 pose on the hill

Grandma, E and 13 from my view

E and 13 from GRandmas view

Cousins in flowers: 9, 13, E, Z, and A (all after they rolled down the BIG hill)

The Secret Garden's fountain
She's getting happier now
(side note: we are almost done at this point)

Finally some food!

And now, Cabella's!

And this about sums up how we all feel after these last 3 days of activities...

3 remarks:

Tom and Karen Mortensen said...

Wow! This all looks so fun!!!

The Chizel Family said...

ah, looks like you had a blast! and if I would have KNOWN about 2 dollar tuesdays we would have come you bum!! we actually drove past and thought about stopping but we figured you already left.ha ha should have stopped. I have never been to the gardens before.

Anonymous said...

That does look fun and busy. the most I did when my nieces came to town was take them shopping. I am a totally boring aunt.