Friday, August 21, 2009

Journal moments

Today 4 had her cousin B over today to play. B wanted to do something inside and 4 said to her, "No, let's play outside for a minute." Ha! So funny. I love it when she says sentences like that—sounds so funny... for a minute. Funny thing is, it really was only a minute.

Marc went to 9's class this morning and took the baby goats in for show and tell. 9 was a little overwhelmed by the attention but excited to show off at the same time. He is really funny when we come to his class because it is not the "norm" for his parents to be in his classroom so I think that he gets a little flustered. It is so neat too, because when you do go to his class, all of his classmates just love you and hug you. They are all such special little spirits, you can't help but feel a good spirit when you are there.

Our baby girl has been moving around a lot and actually causing near mishaps to the bathroom! She doesn't kick my ribs yet but, boy, can she give a 1-2 punch to the bladder! Wew! I love feeling her move though. It is such a magical and crazy experience. I don't know what it is, that I thought this would never be my opportunity again or what but, I am treasuring EVERY moment as if it were my first pregnancy. When she gets the hiccups I giggle because they are so forceful, poor thing. (smile)

I am really popping out too. Seriously within the last few days it's as if she grew 5 inches (well, at least my belly did). I am not complaining, I am actually laughing because I am now at the point where people will stop saying how cute I look pregnant and start to think to themselves, "Holy, cow, She is huge! Poor thing!" (No pun intended.) Ya, I have just come to grips that it is in my genes, to get huge—all out in front. And with that hugeness come the stretch marks—many of them in all shapes and sizes. Zebras would be jealous!

I can still paint my toenails, though and shaving my legs is still possible so I know I still have some largeness coming. I remember vividly with 4 how I only had one pair of shoes I could wear because my feet got so big and trying to take care of business after going to the bathroom was quite an interesting task. Frankly it is at this point that I am glad I am not a guy—my aim would be completely off! Oh, poor men with the spare tire issue! Bless your hearts! My dad showed me a comic once with this pregnant lady trying to decide how to wear her pants—below or above her belly—it was hilarious and then at the end it said she felt sorry for the middle aged men with spare tires... oh how funny.

Anyway, I am way too anxious for this little girl to come. I don't know what my problem is, you would think I didn't have four kids here keeping me busy twenty four-seven.

Which, by the way, I am so glad to have 3 of them in school right now! I know, I know... I am such a mean mom, enjoying my children being gone, but, seriously, I could NEVER do home school. I would go certifiably insane! I need some time to just clean without the constant whirl wind behind me to do it all over again. And the bickering is not a pleasant sound to hear all day long. It is funny the stages I go through, because I can't wait for school to end because I am tired of helping and struggling with homework and constant pushing to do better and I can't wait for the family vacations to begin. Then, by the end of summer I am so excited for the fun to end so that I can relax and actually enjoy my sanity.

9 has been such a fun kid to have around lately when he is in a good mood. He is so elaborate when he talks that it just makes me laugh. I wish I could remember his exact phrases. I just know they make me proud of what a sweet young man he is becoming.

13 has developed such a great relationship with Marc it really has been fun to watch. He really looks up to Marc and Marc is treasuring every moment of it.

17 is finally in drivers ed! Hallelujah! Oh, can I just say that I can't wait for her to have an actual license in her hand so that I can actually tell her to "drive herself there!" Oh, yay!

Marc is outside planning where is going to plant three trees that we are going to buy tomorrow. And anyone who knows Marc will understand what I mean when I say "planning." This is a huge ordeal and involves much drawing, walking around the yard, looking intently with his thumb and pointer finger on his chin and constant redrawing and questioning of all around. It will be a while before he decides where they go. In fact, by then, the trees we want to buy, may be gone.

Alrighty then! I guess that is all for now!

6 remarks:

Rochelle said...

I really find it funny that you think you are big:) I think you look great!!!

rach said...

You are so well spoken and such an amazing mom! Love to read your posts!

wendy said...

I think you meant to say that the trees might be dead, not gone, before he decides where to plant them. I love watching him decided yard things. Makes me laugh.

Julie said...

I am right there with you about enjoying the time my kids are at school. I have been planning for almost a year to have kindergarten, preschool, and nap time all at the same time so I can have some quiet, mommy time. I feel like I can be a better mom with a little time away from my kids. Ironic, but true!

Love your posts!

Staci said...

I will be a mean mommy with you ;) I am looking forward for preschool to start.

Kirsten Amelia said...

I'm so excited to see you all this Monday! Then I get to be the one that says, "Aw, look how much you've grown!" :) Sounds like lots is still going on at your house EVEN when I'm gone ha ha. Good thing we have blogs.