Sunday, July 13, 2008

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Rules are: all answers must start with the first letter of your last name.

What is your last name? Gibson
4 Letter Word: goat
MakeVehicle: GEO
Boy Name: George
Girl Name: Glenda
Pet Name: Goober
Occupation: Geologist
Something You Wear: green galoshes
Celebrity: Grace Kelley
Food: Grapes
Found in Bathroom: Gilette (shavers)
Reason for Being Late: Got stuck in traffic
Cartoon Character: Goofy
Something You Shout: Get outta here!!! (say it like a redneck)
Animal: Giraffe
Body Part: gizzard
Word to Describe You: great
Something You Like To Do: Gallop my horses
Place You'd Like To Be: Germany

I tag, Amy, Ashley and Amber

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Ethington Family said...

Ok, the letter "G" was way too easy.
That is cute about the little kid saying that about your son. I too, love little kids. they are so fun!