Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Horses and friends

Here are 8 and 2 with 8's best friends K and M. They are loving it--I just had to take pictures! So cute!

3 remarks:

W said...

Love the slide and pics. In one of the pics 2 and K look like sisters. M had a great time. It's funny that the blonds are on the brunette (grey) horse and the brunettes are on the blond (paint)horse. Thanks for the memories, and good night..(when you read the end, sing it Carol).

Jamie said...

Rach, It looks like Class of '95 has a blog roll. If you want to be on it go to this link... and sign up.
P.S. I love your blog!

Keri Cranmer said...

Hey this is Keri Klug, I was so glad to see your blog on our class blog. I saw you on one of your brothers blog, I was thinking of telling him to tell you about our class blog, and the next thing I knew you were on our blog!!! Yea! I want to hear about your conference, when it is, and what you learn. Drop me an email I would like to chat with you. (My son has an illness also) My email address is Love your blog, looks like you are having lots of fun. Take care, hope to hear from you soon!! Keri