Saturday, July 19, 2008

Scared Hiccups

Hey, did you know that if someone scares you when you have hiccups it really works??!!! I found this out last night at my friend's husband's surprise party!! I announced that I had the hiccups and went into the kitchen to get a drink to try to get them to go away. I was standing there talking to my friend's husband and he commented on me having the hiccups, next thing I know... Baaaahhhhhhh! I jumped and screamed so loud, I haven't been scared like that in years... I mean my heart was racing! So funny. But, guess what, my hiccups actually went away! Thanks!

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Candie Miller said...

Hey, it's Candie Miller (Rawson). I found your blog from the SFHS page and I have had a great time reading it! When I read about your two sweet kids and your struggles in helping them, I cried. My oldest son has autism, and your frustrations sound so much like my own! It sounds like you are doing an awesome job with your kids, and they are so lucky to have you!