Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Today is Fragile X Awareness Day

OK, so it was really yesterday, sorry, I was a little busy packing for my trip!

I wanted to show you all my design I made up for some T-shirts so that I could wear them to the conference. I thought that would be fun to do.

Oh, my gosh I am going to fly!!! Aaahh! Woo! I am so excited now! This will be a great conference I will learn more about Fragile X for my kids, my entire extended family and this state (since I am the area representative for the Fragile X Association of this state.)

I just hope my husband can handle the kids while I am gone...

4 remarks:

Kara said...


I am SO impressed with all the work you are doing for this cause. You are an inspiration to me. I read through some of your post the other night and I was so impressed with the FABULOUS mother and person you are, and that I always knew you were. I would love to email and catch up. Send me a note at when you have a minute. Good luck at your conference, enjoy flying, its a blast! Talk to you soon.

Kara (Barber) Stone

Ethington Family said...

good luck with it all. I am proud of you cutie!

Landon Andrew said...

Hey girl! Do you have facebook? Look me up.

G-Fam said...

I don't have facebook--I am lucky to keep up on my blog!