Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Weekly Recipe

Rachael's Chicken Pesto and Pasta

16 oz. cooked Penne Pasta
5 split chicken breasts
4 TBS. Olive Oil
2 cloves minced garlic cloves
1/2 C. sun dried tomatoes
1 packet Pesto Seasoning
2 TBS basil
1 1/2 C. chicken broth
1 TBS. corn starch
1/4 cup Sunflower seeds
8 oz. crumbled feta cheese
parmesan cheese

Cook 5 split chicken breasts in olive oil and garlic

While chicken is cooking soak 1/4 C. dried tomatoes in 1 cup chicken broth
Make pesto according to packet directions

When chicken is cooked through, cut it into long thin strips (julienne style) and place back into pan. Add remaining dried tomatoes (chopped), 1 1/4 C. of the chicken broth mixture, Basil and sunflower seeds.

Mix the cornstarch into the reserved 1/4 cup chicken broth mixture and mix well. Bring chicken mixture to a boil and add the cornstarch mixture slowly. Bring back to a boil until thickened.

Take off the burner and add crumbled feta cheese and mix. Pour chicken mixture over Penne Pasta. Sprinkle with parmesan cheese and serve.

You will love this one! It is our favorite!

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brookiebaby said...

Is your pesto the besto? :) I'm going to have to try it! :)