Saturday, April 5, 2008


Well, after losing Sparks we just couldn't handle seeing Puzzle so lonely and the kids were so anxious to have another horse. As 8 would say, it would be a miracle if daddy decides on another horse.

So, here is our miracle! She is a 7 year old Blue Roan Mare. She still has her winter coat and has yet to slick off a bit but she is still beautiful and very well broke in. As you see in our pictures our little cowgirl even rode her. We are just calling her Blue for now. Hey, how about we have a name contest. You send me your ideas for names and I'll let you know if we choose your name. If we choose it then... well you can have a free drink of water! Ha! She is papered and we are waiting to recieve those to get her registered name but we can change it--so let us know your thoughts--we would like to use "blue" in the name if possible.

So far we have:
Blue Nova
Blue Mystery
Midnight Blue
Salt N Peppa Blue
Miracle Blue
Lucky Blue
Static Blue
(Our kids have a huge list of names but these are just a few.)

Good luck!

2 remarks:

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you got a new horse! Would it be okay if we came down there one day just to see them and pet them...and visit you guys of course! :) I don't have any ideas for names, but I do think that Miracle Blue is a great name!

Christine said...

That is so cool that you found a new horse. I just had a childhood flash back. We used to go visit cousins in the summer in Thermopolis, Wyoming and rode their horse...We loved that old horse...Her name was Roni, after I saw the picture of your horse, maybe that is why they named her Roni I have no Idea how to spell that but I always thought it was short for Macaroni but I bet it was a nickname for Blue Rone. I guess you could call her Blue Roni...maybe that's too crazy I don't know...Thanks for the Recipe of Granola by the way.