Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sunday at Mom's House

So here are a few pics of our day at my mom's house on a Sunday. She made pizza for all of us including my friends we invited. It was a full house and she worked hard. But, boy, can my mom make pizza! Woooo! That was good stuff.

Here she is showing off the plate that had the cheese on it. You just have to know my mom--she loves to pose--you know there has to be a real reason for the picture. And after every meal she has to price it. No, really, she prices it! She'll say stuff like, "Boy, that was a $15 meal!" Which I find so cute because a $15 meal really isn't all that impressive but that is my mom for ya! Innocent and funny rolled into one.

Any of my childhood friends reading this will remember her french fries, chili, scones, homemade ice cream. She loved to treat my friends--funny thing is--I am 31 and I can still bring my friends over to be treated to something home made! Thanks Mom!

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Rochelle said...

Oh I remember and love all that stuff. We loved going to your house when we were little, but it was so FAR AWAY:). Isn't it nice to go home on Sundays:)