Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Nothing Day

So today was a day where I had nothing planned. Oh, how nice it was to not have to run anywhere and stay in my pajamas with no makeup or hairdo until 4:00 today!!! Yes, I am serious. 2 and I were totally bums today. I did laundry, cleaned house, organized papers, paid bills, did design work, talked to a friend I haven't been in touch with for a while. It was such a nice day to just be home. I don't get days like that very often so it was a good break for me.

Later this evening though my hubby and I went to the store. We had to buy a new Portable DVD player because 2 poured water in our other one. Yes, it was a frivolous purchase but, if any of you know 2 and 8 you know why we need to have one--I take it with me to the doctors office, peoples houses, camping--they need their down time. Their chance to zone out from the world. Interesting, I know. But, with Fragile X comes, anxiety, hyper-arousal, reclusiveness and this seems to help out. Don't worry my kids aren't couch potatoes. Actually we don't even have television/satellite/cable--just TV with videos and DVD's. How do we do it you ask? Well, we have done it for 5 1/2 years and really love it. We spend a lot more time together as a family and we don't have to compete TV and homework. It's nice. Although I do go to my in-law's or my friend's house to get my fill of American Idol last night.

Which reminds me, my mom wrote a song for American Idol's Songwriter contest. So I will keep you updated if she gets in the top 20.

2 remarks:

Ethington Family said...

I love those down days! they can be hard to come by. I love not having t.v. too. it does give kids a lot more time to explore and create. They don't even seem to care about it. We have a big Friday night movie night and buy treats and then they think that is pretty cool. Well have a great day and tell your mom good luck!

Anonymous said...

I think it would be great to not have t.v., seriously! I love having it for when I need to get something done and my kids can have some down time, but I know I could find better alternatives if I was forced to :)