Friday, April 18, 2008

Checking in

Who got me hooked on this blogging thing anyway? It is like my journal--or maybe I just feel better that I am at least doing this since I don't write in my journal or scrapbook at all anymore. I don't have time, that is just too funny, because for some reason I have time to blog! I guess it is all in the priorities.

Oh, and here is something I learned this week the hard way:

Do not take 3 of your 4 kids to your Physical Therapy appointment with you and think that it will go smoothly. Don't try to convince yourself that your kids would never do "that" or "that." Because they will. My kids used the exercise equipment as monkey bars, the exercise balls as toys being rolled throughout the open space, peeking behind curtains at other patients, eating all the candy in the candy bowl, hiding behind the physical therapist's bum (no, really, I am not exaggerating here--my daughter was trying to get away from 12, so while the PT was working on my knee she would hide behind his bum--just the right height I guess!), and then to top it all off she then screamed and flailed because she didn't want to leave all the fun behind.

Sorry to all the patients that were there! Wew! Next time I will get a sitter.

OK, so I was going to get a sitter but, there were no options available. Out of desperation I took them, next time I will remember this time and just cancel until I can get a babysitter :)

3 remarks:

joelbilly said...

now that it's over we can all laugh, right? That is pretty funny especially her hiding spot! Next time call me! jess

Ethington Family said...
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Ethington Family said...

Sorry- I misspelled too many words. I was just saying that i love blogging too and I'm hooked. And that i know what you mean about taking kids. Jeb is so cute, (he looks like Brett), but he is a monster sometimes. being cute just saves him. I have taken kids to doctor appointments before and we even have the pep talks before hand on how good they are going to be. It doesn't work. they forget in 3 minutes time. Well have a great day! mary