Saturday, April 30, 2016

Did you kill it Daddy?

I was upstairs getting ready and I could here some faint whining... I thought it must be one of the neighbor kids so I just passed it off.

Then I heard more whining and I thought maybe Sister was outside and got hurt so I went in the back yard and there was no one there, then I went in the front yard and it was the same.

As I walked back to my room I noticed Sister was in her room and Baby was with her... so I went back to getting ready.

Then I tuned into the whining again and this time it seemed to be more definite and closer, "Mommyyyyyyyyyy! Help me!!"

I realized it was Brother.

I forgot he had been taking a shower so I thought maybe he had slipped or something so I ran down the stairs and he seemed fine physically, just emotionally upset.

He reluctantly pointed to his bathroom and my hearing was now acute and I heard water running...

"Oh no, he filled to the tub to far and it's overflowing," I thought in my head, but when I walked in the bathroom I could see the water was coming from the toilet... "???"

Brother started crying, "I tried to fix it. I'm sorry momma."

Then I noticed the toilet tank lid laying awkwardly on the floor and just above that was a big hole in the toilet tank and the water was flowing all over the floor!

I started throwing towels down and then realized I could shut the water off to the toilet.

Once I had the water under control I asked Brother what had happened.

He explained to me that the toilet wasn't flushing right so he took the lid off so he could fix it...

There was part of me that was so proud of him for problem solving, and the other part of me that was like, "Really? ... Really?" (sigh)

I'm not sure who taught him to lift the tank lid to fix the toilet, but they need a high five and a slap to the face... just saying...

Anyway, that was about 2 or 3 weeks ago.

We have not had a working toilet in the basement.

It has been missed.

It's the little things, people—the little things.

Anyway, yesterday Marc and I went toilet shopping for our date... I know you're all jealous... I guess it was just one of those crappy dates.... Ha! Ha! Ah! I'm killing it today!


So we made it the husband and wife project today to take the old toilet out and put the new one in.

I know, it doesn't sound like a good time, but it was actually great and we laughed and teased and worked together. I'd have to say that I wouldn't mind putting in another toilet with my hubby... well, maybe a different project would work too.

Anyway, toward the end of getting the old toilet removed we came to the gross part, at least I thought so, where there is a wax seal at the bottom of the toilet that keeps water from leaking out.

The thing about that wax ring is that it gets well-used.

At least this one looked like it.

I wish I would have taken a picture of it... but it was black and sloppy and just nasty looking.

I had come upstairs for something while Marc was working on that part and he had come upstairs to throw it all away.

Sister say the used, old, wax toilet seal in her dad's hand and her sensory defensiveness kicked in and she was immediately disgusted by its looks, "Dad!!! What is that!" She queried with panic on her face.

"It's a seal, sweetie!"

"Aaaaaahhhh!!!! No!! No!!! Daddy, No!"

Both Marc and I rolled our eyes as we are so used to Sister over-reacting to EVERYTHING, and we told her to calm down it was, "just a seal!"

She kept the panicked look on her face, tried to calm herself enough to speak without screaming and asked, "Did you kill it Daddy?"


I calmly turned to her after I let it process for a bit, "Not an animal seal. It's not and animal sweetie, not a seal like an otter. It's a seal for the toilet that keeps out the water."


Panic removed.

She was able to calmly go on with her yearbook reading and I looked at Marc and we both tried not to chuckle too loudly.

I'd be scared too if my dad had taken out a dead seal from my toilet...

Oh, life is funny!

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