Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Acting Up

I am amazed that I have been so neglectful as to write about my whole theater experience with "Saturday's Warrior!"

It never ceases to amaze me that you can gather a large group of 20-40 strangers into one room and tell them to sing and act in front of each other and watch as they all become close.

It's, honestly, slightly intimidating at first. You don't know these people. They don't know you and now you are supposed to put on a show for hundreds of people and make them believe you're all a family...

That's theater.

No, not acting like you're a family.

Becoming a completely nonfunctional, real one—mixed with nerves, excitement, talent, random singing moments, heart-to-hearts, near misses, embarrassing moments, laughs, tears, fears and vulnerabilities all with people you didn't know until 6 weeks ago.

Choreography Rehearsal

Staging Rehearsal

Silly Selfies at a post-rehearsal lunch party!

First fitting for my matron costume

Documenting the costume details

backstage silly

Dress rehearsal selfies
 Then there are the performances...

The pay-off for all of our hard work is hearing the audience laugh, cheer, holler, clap and sniffle. It's like magic to have an audience in front of us.

I love the "meet and greet" after the show, especially when I get to see those I know and love who have come to see me!

Me and my sister, Kirsten

Marc's parents and his cousins

Of course, my sexy hubby—he has seen it twice.

My mom and aunts and uncles! (My mom and dad came too, but I couldn't find the picture I took with them.)

My mom got me some fun gifts to tell me I did a great job—I'm all smiles obviously!

Getting a picture with the original vinyl which is one of the three my dad owns...

I love theater because I get to make friends I may never have had before, have experiences that I can't recreate and I get to dance, sing and act for people on stage. I LOVE making people smile and laugh!'

I love smiling and laughing with others too, so going out after the show to laugh about missed lines, silly blunders or just backstage craziness is also treasured.

This is my 5th play with the Scera and the second year ever being on a stage as an actor and not an entertainer with my family.

I'll always treasure the first experience I ever had being in a play and still try to stay in touch with friends from that show, but I am amazed that EVERY show I have been blessed to be a part of has changed my life for the better in some way and I've learned so much from so many people.

Addams Family The Musical

Pinkalicious (Theater for Youth)

Mary Poppins

It's A Wonderful Life

I made a promise to Marc that I wouldn't audition for any shows this summer so that I could do more backpacking with him and camping with the kids.

It's a good trade off, but there's a tad bit I'm gonna really miss about theater this summer.

I just hope I don't get too rusty over the summer and flop my auditions in the future...

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Jordyn Crowley said...

You are so great, Rachael!!! So blessed to know you!

Marc and Rachael said...

Jordyn, you are so sweet! I miss ya and hope we get to do a show together again someday!