Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Bigger Than the Dentist or Prom!!!

I have a lot to be happy about.

I really do.

So sometimes it is really hard for me to figure out why it is so hard for me to get out of my bed.

There are days when all I can do is get the kids ready for school and I sleep in between each one.

It's like I can't face the day... so I sleep through it.

Ranger seems to understand this and comes to snuggle me when I'm sleeping. He always snuggles into the crook of my legs.

That fur ball always keeps me company, whether I want him to or not...

Yesterday was a beautiful day so I forced myself to go on a hike.

I used to hate hiking, I mean, really hate it.

Poor Marc.

He loves hiking and I would go with him and even backpack... I just didn't like it much.

Ever since my back got better last year, hiking and the outdoors has been my way of de-stressing and I actually love it.

Go figure.

I usually take pictures on my hikes 1) because I am proud of myself for going and 2) I love the scenery!

Yesterday's hike with the view of Timpanogos behind me

Today's hike

And, of course, since Ranger loves to be with me he goes hiking too.

Sometimes I am not exactly sure what puts me in a state of not wanting to get out of bed, but sometimes I have a slight idea.

My life stresses me out a bit.

OK, I'll be honest... my kids stress me out a bit.

They're not horrible kids or anything, I just have a lot on my mind as far as trying to make sure all their needs are met and what-not. I got a call this morning about services for Brother and I had to sit on the phone for 30 minutes and tell them all the things our son can't do, won't do, doesn't do or will never do.

It got me.

I started to walk toward my bed with a heavy heart and heavier eyelids.

But, somehow I pushed myself to get out of the house to enjoy the sunshine on my hike, just as I had done the day before.

Ranger was practically hopping up and down when I pulled out his leash.

As I made my way up the beginning of the hill I felt like I was too tired and to just turn around. Then I made a goal to get just a bit higher than I had the day before in the same time frame, and for whatever reason, it worked.

I like hiking alone sometimes because I can just think, ponder, wonder and question.

I found myself setting aside all the things Brother doesn't, can't, won't do and realized how amazing it is that I was going to be preparing him for his first ever... wait for it... DATE!!!


I said "DATE!"

That HAS to be better than Prom OR the Dentist!

I honestly didn't think Brighton would go on a date unless I had arranged it with a girl in the neighborhood or offered to pay for the whole thing or something, but a sweet girl asked him to the Spring Fling all on her own accord!!! I didn't ask her to. She just contacted me to ask if it was OK for her to ask him.

I was asked this question at a track meet where Brother's class was included and I had just witnessed Brother doing what he does when he gets attention, and that is to fall apart, hide and scream.

That's his amazing teacher, who knows him so well and encourages him in ways that are completely amazing. It just goes to show you that not every day is peaches and roses with Brother and that when I say he melts, I really mean it. This was his reaction to the award that was given to him for participating.

After seeing him react this way I made sure to warn the girl who was asking him on this date, that he might freak out when she asks him and may even say "no" to her when she asked. She assured me that she knows what Brother is like and that it's OK with her and she still wanted to ask him out to the dance.

Lo and behold, this was about the same reaction she got when she came by the house with his favorite candy and asked him to come with her to the Spring Fling:

So, of course, Marc and I worry that he isn't going to handle it all very well, and that the date will be the most miserable experience of this girls life and wondering if we should just give her a way out of it.

It's hard to know how far to push/encourage your child, special needs or not.

I stayed up late Monday night after my play to put together a cute little gift to answer Brother's date and was so excited to show it to him in the morning.

"Out of all the fish in the sea, I'm so happy you chose me!" with some candy fish and sharks... it was so fun to put that together. It took me back to the days of helping Bryan and Kelsey with their date answers for the fun school dances!

He wasn't really impressed.

He didn't even want to give it to her because he was nervous about handing it to her.

I sent it in his backpack hoping it would get to his date somehow. (It did, thankfully.)

It's a little discouraging knowing that someone is doing something so nice for your child and your child doesn't reciprocate.

Then I get pictures like this from his teacher on their class field trip to the zoo and I am elated to see him just being a 16-year-old guy hanging out with friends.

I really need to focus on these things more often so that I can get myself out of bed.

Our Life really is good.

In fact, just a moment ago, I had spaced an activity for Sister and her little friend had forgotten too, and rushed off to not be too late, so her brother came by suggested that he walk her to the activity since his sister had already started.

How thoughtful.


I can't trust Sister yet to walk alone and this young boy, knowing this, took care of her by walking with her!

There are so many acts of service, so many kind deeds...

so many reasons to get out of bed.

I need to remember that.

The moral of this story has 4 G's:

Get out of bed,
Go do something,
focus on the Good,
and be Grateful.

I even made a printable for you in case you need to hang it on your nightstand (wink).

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