Friday, May 6, 2016

Be Me

My children often remind me—just by being themselves—of what's important in Our Life.

I have watched over the years as they try so hard to accomplish even the smallest of tasks.

I think of how often I've felt I don't measure up to be their mom and wonder why it wasn't someone else who was chosen who has more patience, love, organization skills, and temperance than I possess.

We, (parents) too often feel we are not enough.

We think, sometimes, if we were just like so-and-so's parents or Betty Crocker mom down the street that our kids we be better, do more, achieve greater.

Brother has been working on completing sentences at school as part of his writing skills and his communication. His teacher will send me pictures of his work sometimes.

This one that she sent me really hit me to the core.

"I thought for a moment that I could be ME!" (I really love the fact that he has a whole separate cut-out for the exclamation point.)

If that was my sentence it would have been something like, "I thought for a moment that I could FLY!" or something to that affect.

I realized with that that I am so lucky to be just me.

Brother is trapped inside a body that doesn't function properly and keeps him from doing all that he wants, yet all he wants to do is be himself.


It reminds me of this song that my mom wrote that my kids love so much.

I need to remember that just being "me" is OK and I'm important as "just me."

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