Saturday, April 2, 2016

Feelings and little things

Look at those clouds!

I mean, they are just clouds and I am amazed at the artistry there is in the sky. This shot was just on the Interstate heading to my parents house.

I find myself being blessed by the simple happiness of my children.

I try to look at the world a little more like they would... minus the anxiety... just the happy, excited parts.

I went on a hike soon after we were back from St. George and I found myself being happy to see snow again... as little as it was.

On that hike I saw the aftermath of an avalanche that had gone over the trail and I just had to take a picture and stand in amazement at the power of nature and was reminded to always be mindful and aware of it's power.

I have so much joy in the sweet moments of our son's life that people are willing to share with me.

Brother has a good friend that sends me pictures sometimes from the school activities they go on.

This "face swap" really had my rolling... I think Brother was all too happy to have "beautiful eyelashes" for a moment.

This is the one that he was so excited for me to see. What better thing in life than to be a puppy?!

I'm appreciating every moment I see my kids spend with their Daddy.

I love that he was willing to get down on the floor to color in the giant coloring books that our friends gave to our kids just because.

I love that when Marc goes on a short hike he texts me pictures of the beautiful scenery so that I can enjoy it along with him in my own way.

I have always been grateful that I was raised on a farm, but it is so great that my Uncle Jeff still raises animals for us all to enjoy and help us feel like it's still "the farm" even with all the milk cows long gone.
I mean, how can a baby bunny not make you smile? Especially one that looks like it has a mustache!

This baby bunny was very exciting for the kids because it is only a few weeks old and teeny tiny.

I am so thankful that I have the patience and joy that it takes to find the sweet even during tough times with my kids.

This picture shows just how adorable Baby can be even when she has just thrown a huge tantrum, smacked me in the face and thrown something at her sister...

I am so happy that I can make colors come together in a fun way on a sidewalk... I feel like a kid kneeling down and getting my hands covered in colors!

I love that Sister is starting to get her sense of style and actually enjoys going shopping once in a great while... IF it's just for her... 

I am humbled by the love that our family shows to us and our children and love them exactly the way they are.

In fact, they love them so much that they find joy in moments with our kids and captured them to share with us.

We were outside cooking dutch oven potatoes and Brother was keeping Ranger warm.

Baby refuses to wear a coat. Sometimes we can get her to wear a blanket, but that night with the family she was determined to only have on her night gown. This is my sister trying to keep her warm and Baby couldn't be happier about the attention.

I feel so humbled and blessed that I have been able to be cast in "Saturday's Warrior."

I think it is an amazing opportunity to work with and laugh with new friends and to perform something that touches on the principles of eternity that I so strongly believe.
I mean, you can tell I am happy, right?

But, most of all, I am so happy that my brother, Aaron, thought to take a picture of my attempts of trying to avoid smoke inhalation while roasting hotdogs at my parents...

It's the little things...

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