Thursday, April 21, 2016

Piggy at the Dentist

The dentist is always an interesting experience with our kids.

It always has been.

I'm pretty good at laying down on them in the dental chair whilst holding their arms under me and telling them "it will all be OK."

I'm sure we are quite a site.

Brother has gotten too big for this technique and last year was the first time we had him sedated for dental work.

We have a great pediatric dentist who is so good to work with Brother and thankfully, Brother has started to get used to his office, him, and his staff so he is actually able to sit through a cleaning without my "assistance." I had to record his last visit because I was so impressed. The one thing I wish I would have gotten was his loudly teasing Dr. Shephard, "You put me out Mister!! That was you!" he yelled, laughing and pointing his finger. I'm beyond grateful that he has a sense of humor about that part.

Here's the little bits I got:

Sister has always done fairly well at the dentist so we have just been taking her to a regular one, but she has also never had a cavity so she hasn't needed any major dental work.

Well, the last visit they found a cavity and they were unsure whether they could do the work on her and suggested we take her to our pediatric dentist that Baby and Brother go to.

So we did.

The just checked her so they could get to know her and how they would need to try to approach the work to be done. We have scheduled for her little cavity to be worked on there in the office since it is an easy one. I'll hope for the best.

In the chair he was so cute, looking all round-cheeked and happy as she watched her selection of "Property Brothers" on NETFLIX on the TV above her. (She LOVES that show and I laugh whenever I here her pretending in her room to give people price quotes and talk them into going with the natural wood floorings--it's a hoot!)

I took a couple of pictures of her too.

She's lost a lot of teeth lately... lots of room to work! and a poor tooth fairy!

You want to know the MOST impressive thing about that visit was actually the fact that all 3 kids were there with me for her appointment!!! All three! Brother sat in the waiting room with his headphones (I'm sure he made for an entertaining sight as he waves his arms in the air to the beat of his Shania Twain). Baby sat next to me watching Sister so I was really happy about that knowing that Baby's dental checkup was the following morning.

Then the morning of Baby's appointment came.

I was elated when upon walking in she cheerfully went with the assistant to her chair, laid down on it and picked a movie.

I was kind of in disbelief as I typically have to wrestle her to the chair, usually bumping my forehead on their light or X-ray machine in the process.

She just got up, laid down, smiled and said, "Barbie."

She had seen her sister do this and it was all old hat to her... or so it seemed.

I think she must have zoned out for the part where they were cleaning Sister's teeth because as soon as the spinner toothbrush was turned on she began to panic.

The dental assistant was a gem and helped comfort Baby by letting her touch the toothbrush and taste the toothpaste and all that stuff. Baby seemed fine until it went into her mouth.

That is when the light swinging and X-ray bumping ensued.

I'm telling you, I can't get through a day with our kids without some kind of personal damage.

Tee hee!

The good news is, this was the first dental visit where Baby actually got some of her teeth cleaned!

With my holding-down skills the dentist was able to scrape the tarter from her teeth and observe enough to tell me she's looking good.

After the dentist was done and I was holding Baby to comfort her I started joking with Dr. Shephard as to the great workout I just had as I wiped the sweat from my forehead. I am sure that in those circumstances the sweat isn't all exertion, but a little bit of embarrassment mixed in.

Not embarrassment of my child... no, no, we are passed that at this point, I've done this long enough, embarrassment that I might look a little silly wrestling my kid who's one fourth my size as if she were a 200 pound greased piggy!

Sorry, I forgot to take pictures of Baby at the dentist, I should have at least thought to get one at the beginning.

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