Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Some like to dance in the rain.

A lot of people think that since all three of my children have Fragile X Syndrome that they must all be exactly the same... now granted, they have MANY similarities, and most parents of children with Fragile X will tell you how uncanny it is to see some of the characteristics they see in their own kids manifest in others, BUT, as with any child or person on the face of this planet, they each have their own personality.

For instance, we had Brother's very first ever, official Junior High School Parent/Teacher conference...  actually waiting in long lines to meet with his mainstream education teachers. Brother has the opportunity to take Science, P.E. (Physical Education) and Choir with his "typically developing" peers. I didn't know quite what to expect because I know he has a lot of anxiety and wasn't sure if he was actually participating in his mainstream classes, but when we met with his Science teacher we were so happy to hear what a participant he is and how well he is doing. He really LOVES science. His P.E. teacher said it took him (and sometimes still takes him) a little bit to warm up to the idea of sports, but he is doing very well and is very respectful. Brother's Choir teacher couldn't say enough about him and even mentioned that, although he is VERY shy with his peers, he is the strong leader of his section in choir, and everyone loves him.

Insert smile... here.

Sister's teacher  brought up how social, bubbly and happy Sister is with her class and with her peers in the halls, at lunch, and at recess. She definitely doesn't play the shy card as often as Brother does when it comes to the peer social interaction.

Baby has her very first ever IEP coming up next week and it will be interesting to see how she interacts with the team. I kind of think she'll dive right in and show her true colors right off the bat. She doesn't seem to have much hinderance when it comes to some things.

Why do I think this?

Because of my 3 children's 3 different interactions with the rain...

Yep, children and rain.

A new philosophy by Rachael at Our Life.




First the back story:
It was sunshine all over a couple of weeks ago and then right in the middle of the after noon


Down the came the rain.

In buckets.

Sister and her friends, JJ and Juju were not afraid of it and didn't cower back into their houses... soon, Brother and Sister were deciding on whether or not to participate.

OK. Now Observe:

Sister is in the pink warming her hands after playing basketball in the rain.

Baby is contemplating the rain while Brother knows right away "No thank you!"

Once the rain drops slowed Baby was in the nearest puddle.

It wasn't long before this little Baby was splayed out in the puddly drinking the water from the puddle she had been standing in... not sipping, but guzzling the water with her face fully planted in the cold new puddle... wish I had a picture of that (sigh)

Brother had hidden away in the warmth of this comfort zone (in front of the TV).

Baby had fully immersed herself in the rains' puddle.

And Sister was shortly back with her friends (after warming up) to see what sidewalk chalk can do when it is wet.
In more ways than one, it was beautiful.

Some people like to watch the rain from the window.

Some people like to play in the downpour.

Some people like to feel the light drops on their face as they look up.

Some people like to look for the puddles to splash in.

Some like to drink the rain.

Some like to sing in the rain.

Some like to dance in the rain.

No matter how you enjoy the rain,
we are all beautiful just the same.

(Oh and we would like to thank Amanda and Travis
for allowing us to use their driveway for the beautiful sidewalk chalk artwork)

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