Saturday, October 27, 2012

My visiting brother brings back childhood memories

Dan the Man, also known as my brother, Daniel, and his family came into town for a week for his wife's brother's wedding.

We were so excited to see him again and spend a little time together. We didn't get to him very much, but tried to take advantage of it as much as possible.

My favorite was when Daniel was at our parents with his kids and Kirsten and I went down with Millie and Baby to get some extra visit time and my dad took us all out on a hayride. He was getting everything ready for my mom's annual Halloween Party and figured he should take Daniel and his kids out since they would be leaving home before the party.

My sister, Kirsten was there too. She is VERY pregnant and we thought for sure some of the bumps we went on would start some labor...

Popi waits in his GQ mode while grandpa gets the trailer hitched.

Lil Mr is waiting patiently

Me and Baby wanted to prove we were there too.

She loved wrapping up in the blankets on the ride.

Little bright Daniel?

It was a bit of a dusty ride... OK, that is an understatement... it was a VERY dusty ride.

Millie didn't mind.

After the hay ride Jessie showed up and we gathered in our old bedroom, which is now the toy room and we sat on the floor like we did as kids and just laughed and talked. We started to reminisce about childhood and such and then we got talking about the old piece of machinery my dad had sitting in the front yard that we used to use as a trampoline. We just had to go outside and see if it still worked. Oh, goodness we had too much fun. It worked just like I remember only on a much smaller scale than it seemed at the time. It mostly brought back fond memories and got us all giggling.

Jessie took a video of it:

I am so thankful for my happy childhood! It wasn't easy, but it really molded me and my siblings, I believe we are all grateful for that.

After "jumping" we were quite giggly and got quite the kick out of checking out some of mom's yard sale stuff/junk and really got rolling when Kirsten picked this up:
She said, "What is this? A ceramic slug?" The reason we laughed so hard is because we realized it was actually feet that had broken off of a ceramic elf... OK, maybe you just had to be there... but really, it does look like a green slug. I don't think I'll ever be able to look at elves the same way without thinking they look a little... sluggish.


On Sunday evening we all got together at mom and dad's house and celebrated all the October birthdays, painted pumpkins and ate homemade pudding and popcorn. The kids had a great time painting pumpkins.

I didn't get many pictures this time, just because we didn't see them much because they were here for the wedding. But I did get a picture of Lil Mr on the infamous porch horse.