Monday, October 29, 2012

44 ain't so bad...

doesn't look too bad either... (eyebrows raised twice)

My hubby turned 44 during all the craziness of life that has been going on. Because of visitors, trips and fun we just had a little birthday at home with some neighbor friends.

I made brownies, homemade hot fudge and caramel toppings and whipped cream and we had some fantastic brownie sundaes to mark the occasion. (Ha ha! Did you get that one. Marc... mark... the occasion...)

Brother said he's old and Sister was just excited to sing Happy Birthday to him and well, Baby, I don't think understands what was going on. She was just a bit overwhelmed with the party and just needed some sensory input from her sweet friend, Indy.

Brother, of course had to get in on the action. It's funny because if it's my idea to have him be in a picture...
forget it, but if he comes up with the idea you can't get him out of the shot...

Happy-belated-on-the-blog birthday Honey!

I pray I get to spend, at least 60 more with you!


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