Monday, January 9, 2012

Duck! Before we move...

I just couldn't help myself.

I had to pull one last gag before we moved.

I found these toward the end of cleaning out everything from our house.

They are real.

But, not alive.

They are stuffed.

My mom got them at a yard sale.

I don't know why.

I just had to have them so I could use them on our friends.

I think they have been under my bed for about 2 years just awaiting the perfect opportunity to present themselves in our friends' yard.

Moving day was the perfect day.

It snowed.

I even made little tracks.

They looked so cute.

Tee hee hee! How funny is that?

What would you think if you saw two little ducklings sitting on your back porch railing?

I know I had a good laugh putting them there.

Thanks for letting me have one last hoorah!

5 remarks:

Rochelle said...

I wish you were my neighbor! That's funny, but who kills and stuffs those and then sells them at a yard sale???

Janice said...
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Janice said...

And who keeps them under her bed?!? LOL I love your gags between eachother!

Bonnie@TheFragileXFiles said...

I would call you up and say "there are 2 little ducklings on your deck! Quick, bring them inside before they freeze!". Quack quack!

Anonymous said...

As the owner of the home where those ducks were left, let me just say with the breeze in the air their little heads were moving and it took me probably 2-3 minutes to realize they were not real.